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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last 3 Days to Maneuver Your Winning Loyalty Royalty Position!

Loyalty Royalty Ends Dec. 21!

The last pre-contest-end standings have been posted. Now those who have been lying in the weeds, playing possum, being sneaky, or just plain taking the strategic approach are rolling out their final purchases to be applied to gain a higher position in the final rebate standings. Dozens of Loyalty participants are in good position to really improve their rebate totals. And we are seeing that leader board start to get stirred up.

It's still not too late for anyone to jump in and take full advantage of this program. After all--even if you join today, your previous Safecastle purchases going back to Apr. 1 of this year are counted toward your year-end rebates. Everyone who joins gets at least a 1% rebate gift certificate at the end of this month (see the full program details here). The top ten finishers get anywhere from 2-11% rebate gift certificates!
Loyalty Royalty is about to pay off very nicely for hundreds of you!
STILL Dozens of Great Sale Prices 
Free shipping, club member discounts, year-end sale prices AND the Loyalty rebates ... what else is there to say?

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