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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Safecastle Loyalty Royalty Prizes; 18-can MH Kit, Canned Cheese & Butter On Sale!

Last Two Loyalty Royalty Prize Drawing Winners
The November 1 Loyalty Royalty prize drawing winner has been posted. The program standings have also been updated.
The final monthly drawing will take place December 1. That final prize will be for one of our newest cool products--the Prepare My Life Planner.
In late December (the purchase rebate program ends December 21), all participants who have made purchases through the Loyalty Royalty program period will win! ... and some will be big winners indeed!
This Year's 18-Can Mountain House Kit is Now Available!

We're offering a very limited number of
3-case variety packs of Mountain House foods. We do this just once a year and these kits get scooped up quickly, so move fast if you would like to add a quick, affordable dose of big variety to your larder. These kits consist of 18 #10 cans of some of the most popular Mountain House varieties ... 18 different varieties ... at a 10% discount!
Order now & these 3-case kits will ship to you from our Safecastle warehouse within one to two business days.
Oct. 30 Update on Mountain House Backorder Shipping 
If the entirety of your September MH order is not yet in hand, we expect you to take delivery of the remainder of your order within one to two weeks. There are a large number of backordered shipments going out this week.
My MH rep tells me this morning that there remains a small number of varieties yet to be produced and canned and that process will be completed within about 10 days.
Mountain House does not note backorders on their packing slips, so if you have received a partial order, the balance WILL be shipped to you as soon as it is back in stock.
Your business and your patience are appreciated. The September surge in orders for MH food was unprecedented in its volume and scope, and it obliterated inventories of all varieties at the MH warehouse. The factory is working hard to replenish stocks and fill remaining backorders.
Bega Cheese and Red Feather Butter On Sale

Our distributor for the world-famous canned Red Feather Butter and Bega Cheese is offering us a special discount for a short time on those products. Get them today at a member-discount and sale price that can't be beat!

Good News on the "Trucker's Friends" ...
We awarded many "Trucker's Friend" Survival Tools to qualifying buyers early in September. Those are now scheduled to arrive to us here on Wed., Nov. 6. We will ship them out as soon as we have them.

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