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Sunday, July 15, 2012

7 Reasons NOW is the Time for Your Mountain House Food Purchase

Mountain House freeze-dried food is the world's premier long-term storage food--shelf life of 30 years in #10 cans and award-winning quality, selection, and taste.

Occasionally, timing is everything. Many factors are currently aligned ... let's count the ways:

1. Numerous Mountain House #10-can discounts right now at Safecastle are at levels that have not been seen anywhere in more than 5 years (up to 34%)! Note: This sale ends July 18.

2. Free shipping on everything to the lower 48

3. Our buyers club member rewards are providing $30 gift certificates for every 3 MH can cases in a transaction!

4. Many MH manufacturer can prices are going up 5% on Aug. 1, everywhere MH is sold.

5. In July only, we are making the unprecedented offer of a FREE lifetime buyers club membership and a $20 coupon code (one-time use)!

6. Have you seen the news release about the independent study comparing the oxygen present in Mountain House food vs. Wise Food (a crucial factor in determining actual shelf life)?

7. And how about those global headlines? Take your pick ... the economy, international tensions, crime rates, and the social and political head-butting that is stoking the flames of class warfare ...

Now is the time. Get your gear in place and supplies topped off. The hourglass may not be flipped again.

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