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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Golden Report: If You Aren't Ready - Get Ready

The next three weeks in the Middle East - namely Israel, Cyprus and Turkey, may well provide far more excitement than any of us want. With the High Holy Days beginning on the 29th, this always seems to cause Security to go into high gear in Israel, but this year even more so than usual. The so-called "Palestinians" asking the Arab controlled General Assembly of the United Nations to recognize them as a State is certain to cause riots, if not war, to break out here in Israel. And if Obama betrays Israel and does not veto this in the Security Council the bloodbath could begin right away. Hamas and Hezbollah will cut loose with all they have to back-up the PA in their determination to destroy the State of Israel.  

It has also become obvious that Turkey is playing a very dangerous game to gain the upper hand in the Arab and Muslim World.

Read the whole report from Jerry Golden in Israel. 
Get Ready ... Seriously --

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