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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Investment-Grade Food Storage Sale

Through September, we are running our final Mountain House cans sale of 2010.

That means:
  • The maximum-allowed discount of 25% off all MH cans.
  • It means free shipping.
  • And it means buyers club members earn up to $1000 and more in free survival gear and supplies with qualifying purchases.
Mountain House freeze dried food is the clear #1 storage food in the world. It boasts a proven shelf life of over 25 years in the #10 cans. It is the kind of food we are all used to eating and it is delicious. 25% off is BIG savings. Shipping is FREE.

This time around, club members have the potential of not only securing the best fresh storage food in the world at the maximum allowed discount pricing, but they also can earn over $1000 in free gear and supplies with qualifying purchases.

This is investment-grade food. You lock-in today's food prices for as long as you hold the food. It will be there for you whenever you need it, and chances are very strong that it will be worth a lot more then than what you paid for it originally.

Check out all the details here.
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Rourke said...

I posted about the special sale on my blog.

Looks great -



Greg D. said...

I've been telling everyone that will listen, get what you can now. With all the news about crop failures and food shortages it is very clear that the price of your everyday staples will be rising very soon.