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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Economists from Across Spectrum Now Calling it Great Depression II

The time for quibbling over semantics and political gamesmanship appears to have passed. Now many of the biggest names in economics (Laffer, Krugman, Griffiths) are calling it as they see it--the Second Great Depression.

We're in this for the long haul, folks. Can't even hope for much positive change in the forseeable future at this point. Read the article linked and excerpted below. Then if you have the wherewithal to get yourself fully squared away for the worst case you can imagine economically--do it and move quickly.

The collapse is only months away they are saying ...

"Top Economists: The Second Great Depression Has Arrived"

by Terrence Aym

... (Fred) Harrison concurs and believes that the situation has become so serious that whole nations could fail and something unseen in the West for hundreds of years could appear again: wholesale starvation of peoples in some Western countries.

Back in 2008, Spectator Business reported that "Harrison's predictions earned him the epithet 'Prophet of Doom' until his forecasts proved correct. He is now described as 'the canary in the housing mine…(his) prediction is chilling: Nostradamus...could scarcely have been more accurate."
Get Ready ... Seriously --

1 comment:

Dene Brock said...

Sadly, I have to agree. I'm sure this administration wants to keep the 'depression' label off of what's happening, but I cannot find any other word to describe what is coming. I keep remembering the things that my Dad told me about his life during the depression.. as a child I had no idea that he was actually preparing me to cope and prepare for something similar in my own time.