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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nyquist: "The Final Treaty"

J.R. Nyquist has kept many of us honest through the years about THE giant threat most of those pulling the levers and pushing the buttons have been trying to stuff into the proverbial dustbin of history.

Unfortunately, the threat IS very much alive and real. J.R.'s latest essay is another jolt to the soft, quivering solar plexus ...


Nothing can stop the disarmament process over time. It will advance, and will signify the weakening of the West as it signifies the strengthening of Russia and China. The final, predictable, and tragic result of all this was foreseen by James Burnham more than four decades ago. With all that happened during and after World War II, it seems that nothing has been learned about the essential nature of free society and the essential nature of societies that are decidedly not free.

Read it and marvel.
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