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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fuses are Short

A coming "summer of rage" has been forecast in various quarters as being almost inevitable. Europe especially is seen as being vulnerable to the conditions on the street brought about by the global economic crisis.

Governments around the world are closing ranks and throwing unprecedented volumes of taxpayer monies into what many see as institutional sinkholes.

Most acutely, jobs are being vaporized by the millions. No one anywhere is feeling secure today.

Mental stability across social strata is crumbling where personal stresses reach criticality. Outbursts of tragic violence and brutality are beginning already to dominate headlines. The most heart-rending stories are of course those where the young and innocent are victims.

Social crises such as what are materializing today are historically the periods when governments enact permanent measures that would never otherwise be broadly considered. That is not to say that there are not strong pockets of opposition.

Patience, compassion, and the will to coexist among competing interests vanish when urgency is motivating decision-makers. Frustration and anger erupt easily among those feeling wronged.

Expectations for discord are clearly high elsewhere, but in America we too are seeing conditions mushroom that are conducive to widespread protest actions. Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies are on the alert and they say they are prepared to deal with it.

How it all plays out is anyone's guess. But it is safe to say that 2009 will not go down in the books as a summer of love. Be smart ... get ready seriously.

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