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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Surviving the Fall

So 53% of the American population feel that we may be entering a 1930s-like depression in the near future. (Sorry, but I couldn't help recalling that 53% of the voters chose "change" in the presidential election. Is this what they had in mind?)

A lot of us have seen the cautionary signposts for years. None of what approaches should be a shock to anyone. Many have taken steps to prepare for this or a similar catastrophic event to ensure us at least a chance at providing for the needs of our loved ones through the most difficult of times.

I guess if there is a surprise I see registered among fellow world-watchers and crisis-contras, it is that the whole process of collapse is an agonizing slow-motion shimmy. Many envisioned disaster that comes instantly or perhaps overnight--with a clearly recognizable sign from the heavens that signals it's time to pack up the moped, head for the hills, and never look back.

You know ... maybe the legendary apocryphal all-out nuclear exchange that decimates the civilized world in minutes is what some planners had in mind. Or in the event of economic collapse, a financial implosion distinguishable by a hailstorm of stockbrokers leaping from tall towers and pitchfork-wielding peasants storming banks and convenience stores for their final entitlements.

But no. Now the historians tell us that even in that storied Great Depression of 1929-Crash-fame (and beyond), folks didn't understand it for what it was until they were maybe midway through it. That is, years into the debacle ... one day suddenly realizing ... hey, boiling up shoe-leather soup is not what we used to call normal dinner-table fare ... how did this happen?

I really don't mean to denigrate the suffering of those people back then, nor our own ill-informed preconceptions of what our incarnation of "the end" might be.

Fact is, it's a blessing that this declining period of pre-ruination allows for so many more folks out there to urgently lay in supplies and gear for the long cold nights ahead.

After all, the more of us prepared for mass shortages and suffering, the better off we all will be.

This is what we have--a chance to encourage those around you to prepare. If you want, pretend like you yourself just woke up to the fact that, OH MY GOSH, WE NEED TO DO THIS NOW!, if you want to keep your long-held, deep, calm determination to survive a closely-guarded secret.

Some folks still just need a proverbial slap across the face to move them off the dime. Some may be in shock, unable to discern what they need to do. After all, many have already and/or continue to lose their life savings and the assets they thought were their tickets to a graceful swan song into their golden years.

Be gentle with them, but make sure those nearest to you get it done. If they deny the need now, they are just plain fools.

Get Ready ... Seriously -

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