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Friday, January 30, 2009

On the Cusp of Catastrophic Emotions Like Envy and Ethnic Intolerance

Once again Jeff Nyquist cuts right to the bone in his latest commentary, which I encourage you to read in its entirety (click on the title below):

Compound Errors
by J.R. Nyquist


... When the government’s policies lead us from disaster to disaster, and the people are suffering, the outcome will devolve into an ideological battle between differing brands of nonsense.

What nonsense is likely to triumph? We don’t know the answer, as yet, because everything depends on the leaders that emerge as the crisis develops. Negative emotions, like envy and ethnic intolerance, are likely candidates. We must hope and pray they will not be exploited by political opportunists or demagogues. The danger is greatest when the people lose their patience. But first, many will lose their jobs, their life savings, and their future prospects.

This country needs a patient and tolerant spirit. We need unity and caution, if only to preserve those institutions which stand between our existence and the abyss. We must not forget that America’s nuclear arsenal upholds global order. The nuclear missiles of Russia and China are aimed at us, even now, because these countries want to form a new world order – in which they dominate. If the United States loses its nuclear deterrent as the result of internal disorders, then Russia and China will be tempted to carry out their destructive plans. In that event, a compound negative interest will be applied to the population and wealth of the entire world – and a new Dark Age will be born.

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