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Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Food and FREEbies Sale--They're Going Fast

We gave the heads up here a few days ago that we were going to be launching this very special food and freebies sale.

This morning, our buyers club members got the email that we were opening up the doors. I finally just caught up enough to put the word out here now. All of this is selling fast. We knew it would--great prices on emergency storage food, including on a great variety of Mountain House cans AND FREE PREP GEAR thrown in for good measure, such as NukAlerts and Maxpedition Merlin fold-up backpacks, and more.

Unless things suddenly slow up, everything will be gone in days. So act now.

Here's the official announcement for this buy:

Last Mountain House Cans Opportunity till Fall
PLUS Great Freebies Thrown In !!!

FREE NukAlerts, Maxpedition Merlins, Bail-Out Bags, and Compact SW Radios!

Summer is here! To celebrate, we are today kicking off our excessively extravagant (and my son/accountant tells me "foolish") Summer Food and Freebies Sale.

All of the items in this sale are available in very limited quantities, so there is no time to delay. (Orders are being taken now; shipping on everything begins June 27.)

In a nutshell ...

1. We have some of our famous 3-case/18-can Mountain House variety kits in hand and ready to ship. This represents the last large bulk MH order we placed right at the May 15 deadline when Mountain House stopped taking orders for cans until further notice. The next opportunity at MH cans will be in the fall (hopefully). Kit price for members on these is $439, shipping included to the lower 48!

2. We also have a couple of new Complementary food packages assembled for this sale. Package One includes a case of canned Yoders whole wheat flour, long grain white rice, and B&M bread. Package Two includes full cases of canned Red Feather butter and cheese. Both packages are $219 for our members, shipped to the lower 48. Plus ... you can add-on a one-gallon bucket of Wildflower Honey for just $49.

3. Those package prices with free shipping are great. But this is the crazy part. I am giving away a limited number of Nukalerts, Maxpedition Merlin folding backpacks, Bail-Out Bags, and compact shortwave radios with qualifying purchases. (One Freebie per customer.) Look around and see what these items are worth, and you'll see what my son means--"This is crazy!"

4. Navigate the Summer Food and FREEbies sale here, and don't delay. We'll be out of stock in just days.

Get Ready ... Seriously -

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