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Friday, December 28, 2007

Will We Know If Extremists Gain Control of Pakistani Nukes?

Think about these comments by Gene Poteat, AFIO president, as reported in Newsmax. (Or, if you are particularly susceptible to bouts of anxiety and nightmares, do NOT read the following.)

“The real danger for us now in the U.S. is that if this continues the way it’s going, the Taliban and al-Qaida could eventually have control of a nuclear arsenal,” says S. Eugene Poteat, a former CIA official. “And you know, we might not even know it. Because the way infiltration works by these people, you never know who they are.

"Al-Qaida or its affiliates could be in the military, they could be in control of a nuclear arsenal, and if they get it, we know one thing for sure is that it will be used one way or the other. They may not use it right away, but that’s the danger,” says Poteat, who is president of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers. “They’ve let it be known publicly what their plans are: their intentions are to kill us.”

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Unknown said...

Pakistan having nuclear weapons is going to keep us, or anybody else from getting very involved in their internal turmoil which really complicates things.