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Saturday, September 08, 2007

"Project: Prepare" Launching Next Week

Just a quick heads-up to our friends and members out there ... we're now wrapping up final details on a very cool food-package deal we've negotiated with one of our emergency-storage food suppliers.

Next week, we plan to launch three new and unique long-term storage packages involving wet-pack meats, milk, eggs, cheese, crackers, fruit, butter, and more! And get this--the stuff is all good for a minimum of 10 years on the shelf in reasonable storage conditions!

We've got some eye-opening deals we're passing on to our buyers club members--and it all ships to customers immediately.

Incidentally, we're also firing up a national radio campaign by the end of next week on Project: Prepare, so we're excited about doing what we can to help more folks out there get ready for contingencies. Stay tuned!

(If you're not a club member yet, join now for just a one-time $19 fee.)

Get Ready, Seriously ...

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