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Sunday, August 19, 2007

"When the Herd Panics"

Here's a timely commentary by J.R. Nyquist that might bring some personal reflection about the herd(s) you're running with:

We live in the Age of the Herd. After all, people want to belong. They adopt ideologies, attitudes and poses from those around them. They invest money in the same way they adopt opinions. They draw conclusions without thinking. They make decisions without foundation. It is, after all, a reasonable shortcut to assume that someone else has thoroughly examined everything beforehand; that all the angles have been calculated, that a safe path has already been cut through the wilderness ...

... What will the herd do when its values collapse? ...

... Panic is something that spreads. It begins in one place and moves outward, in every direction. "There is no fence against a panic fright," wrote Thomas Fuller in 1732. When the herd fall prey to a pack of wolves, the herd begins to panic. Who will stop the panic? The government is expected to stop it. The government must do something. But the government is part of the herd. It shares the herd’s mentality. So who will save the government?

Get Ready, Seriously ...

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