REFUGE BY SAFECASTLE: "World Braced for Huge Surge in Bird Flu Cases"

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

"World Braced for Huge Surge in Bird Flu Cases"

Wow. It doesn't take much to start drumming up alarmist reports out there about bird flu now, does it? The red flag in this case is that H5N1 has appeared in the British Isles for the first time--on a turkey farm.

Of course, I have to imagine it will be the same in U.S. newspapers when H5N1 lands on our shores.

This article from the Guardian Unlimited in the U.K. is certainly worth reading, if for no other reason than to realize that we're actually likely approaching another huge surge in preparedness activity. A few more scary headlines like this will likely mean a few shortages and backlog issues on some items for all of us.,,2005605,00.html

Get Ready, Seriously ...

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