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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Voting Pro-Survival Issues

We in the U.S. are soon to once again take measure of our collective will. Our majority voice, as segmented by various political boundaries, will commit the nation to its course over at least the next couple of years in a number of strategic areas.

For individual voters, issues of greatest importance must be personally prioritized as we mull over options for how we wish to be represented in the most fair government the world has ever seen.

Interestingly, today the "collective will" of the people most often means a slim majority opinion of a few percentage points. Often, a margin of 5% or more is seen as a mandate on an issue. Debateable topics that define who we are increasingly show us to be a country of polemic viewpoints that often pull predictably left or right on the political spectrum.

Some voters remain solidly in one position on that spectrum through the years, maintaining a principled take on their world that goes beyond hot-button issues of the day. Others see it as their duty to continuously assess their representatives' performance in government and to make their Election Day choices accordingly. And of course, many combine the approaches, while being flexible in their political stances.

These approaches are perfectly valid and reasonable. As long as the responsibility to vote with a serious conscience is embraced, we can know that we are maintaining our duty to uphold the past, present, and future of these United States of America.

Pro Survival Issues

Readers of this blog likely are tracking on their Election Day radars the following topics. They may or not be candidate-deciding issues, but certainly, we want to be aware of how our choices may impact our ability to prepare for (or perhaps even prevent) crises that threaten our way of life.
  • The War on Terror
  • Tensions in the Middle East
  • Our Right to Bear Arms in Self Defense
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Governmental Fiscal Responsibility
  • Economic Globalization
  • Alternative Energy Development
  • Victim vs. Criminal Rights
  • Rights to Information and Self Expression
There are more issues that a case could be made for to be included on this list, such as Corporate Greed and Corruption, but we get increasingly distant from the obvious connection to crisis preparedness.

I ask that you keep these issues forefront in your mind as you vote your conscience on November 7. We owe it our forefathers, our grandchildren, and to each other.

Get Ready, Seriously ...

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