REFUGE BY SAFECASTLE: What is it that Worries Us Today?

There are two ways to sleep well at night ... be ignorant or be prepared.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What is it that Worries Us Today?

The 21st century is turning out to be the age of panic and anxiety ...

... or at least a time when we're bombarded with unprecedented reinforcement from the media that we OUGHT to be worried about something, by golly.

Every week there's something new to absorb through our outer calm. Sometimes, there are DAILY developments that need to be swallowed and digested. Eventually we get our fill.

Top 10 "Final Tomorrows"

Let's see ... in the last month or so, I've been told by customers that THIS is it ... the time and issue that is undoubtedly about to be our undoing ("... and so please be sure to send that order asap, 'cause I want to be sure to take delivery before TSHTF") --

1. The impending attack of Iran by the U.S. and Israel, using nuclear weapons, which will surely bring about a global apocalypse.

2. The impending attack by Iran on the U.S. and Israel, using nuclear weapons, which will surely bring about a global apocalypse.

3. The Bird Flu is about to start (or already has started) going head-to-head in the beginning of a human pandemic that will surely bring about a global apocalypse.

4. The Bird Flu is a total fabrication by the media (or by the global elite) designed to bring about a global apocalypse.

5. The U.S. and global economies are about to catastrophically deflate, bringing about a global apocalypse.

6. Numerous countries around the world are about to stop trading in dollars, a move which will collapse the US economy and end up bringing about a global apocalypse.

7. Certain communist/socialist South American countries are joining together with U.S. enemies elsewhere to counter the power the U.S. wields in the global economy. (Which may or may not create a global apocalypse)

8. The illegal immigrant issue is about to spiral into a divisive civil war in the U.S. that will result in a global apocalypse.

9. Al Qaeda is moving into position to launch a massive, coordinated attack on the U.S. and western interests. The hope is to create the beginning of a global apocalypse and a Muslim paradise.

10. Geez ... I'm at 10 already, and I haven't yet mentioned cometary fragments, warmer waters in the Gulf of Mexico before the start of hurricane season, earthquake swarms, floods, droughts, caldara volcanoes, NSA spying on Americans, conspiracy and intrigue reaching across all organizational boundaries, political hunting and driving accidents, etc.

Get Anchored

Here's the real deal. For all the scary headlines and for all the antidepressant medications that are part of our daily life today, a person needs to develop a seriously oily disposition that will allow for all the stuff raining down to roll right off.

How to do that?

1. Connect spiritually with your Creator.

2. Disconnect literally from the media and the internet amateurs who daily are competing for your adrenaline.

3. Enjoy your family, friends, and your everyday life.

4. Nurture a healthy passion that you can feel good about feeding.

5. Allot a small amount of your time and resources to preparing logically for bad times. Do it, then forget it.

THE END (or not)

Get Ready, Seriously ...

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Ron Franscell said...

From media blogger Ron Franscell at ...

The White House says "the intelligence activities undertaken by the United States government are lawful, necessary and required to protect Americans from terrorist attacks." Don't get me wrong: I want to be protected from terrorist attacks and I think the government should do that. But I'm also old enough to remember the Vietnam logic that "we must destroy this village to save it," so I don't necessarily trust these guys to be great thinkers.

What happens when our "leaky" White House is looking at Hillary's phone records and, oops, accidentally "leaks" that every Wednesday night she's been calling an escort service in North Tonawonda? These guys don't seem to be above using such information for the "greater good" of re-electing Republicans to protect Americans from terrorists.

If the NSA studies my phone records for the past year, they'll find what I found in an exhaustive analysis: 1,845 calls to my son and daughter, in which I generally ask "how's the weather?"; 1,045 phone calls to Allstate Insurance Co. to complain about the service after Hurricane Rita; 516 calls to my cell phone company to ask how to operate my cell phone; 511 to old friends in Colorado, in which I generally ask "how's the weather?"; 435 to tech support at America Online; 20 to the pizza parlor up the street, always on an NFL game day; and six to my parents, in which I generally ask "how's the weather?"

No bookies, no hookers, no sex lines, no fun. Really, my main concern is that somebody will check my phone calls and find that my life is terribly boring and I'm not really worth protecting from terrorists.