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Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Prep-Related Sites

For some odd reason, a couple of months ago, the Blogspot template I use (and other Blogspot templates I tried as well) started dropping my left-column info--bio, favorite links, etc.--down to the very bottom of the page if I did anything at all to alter the basic format. So I had to remove all those favorite links to keep that left column floating to the top of the page. Blogspot has been non-responsive in my efforts to get a fix.

Anyway, FYI, here are a few of my current favorites that keep me going back for more: ... James Wesley Rawles' blossoming compilation of some excellent articles and snippets of survival and preparedness advice. ... A well-attended forum focused on precious metals, preparedness, and more. ... A prep-related forum that has been around since before the turn of the century. ... A very comprehensive forum site with a focus on guns and ammo, but also with an excellent Marketplace section. ... A core group of solid, well-balanced individuals camp-out here, in a growing discussion forum. ... Jeff Nyquist's scholarly commentary is always thought-provoking. ... Not given over to hyperbole, this site is a gem for prospecting golden nuggets of insight into the counterterror challenges faced around the world. ... I need to plug my own store site when I get the chance, don't I? If I do say so myself, a rather unique blend of product offerings, form the premier line of prefabricated steel storm and fallout shelters to Katadyn water filters, Mountain House freeze dreid emergency food, and on and on.

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