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Friday, February 03, 2006

New Logo, More New Products, Same Focus ... Your Needs are Our Needs

Been pretty busy lately, and I don't expect things will slow down much anytime soon. We're building the Safecastle business brick by brick, customer by customer and product by product. Our number one priority is to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. If we can continue to deliver on that, the business will take care of itself.

Our flagship product line is the best-in-class prefab steel NBC shelters, storm shelters, and saferooms that are protecting thousands around the country. We are moving ahead with plans to systematically take this business to the masses.

The time is right for personal security and unparallelled peace of mind as offered in our shelters to go mainstream. It'll be a slow process, but with time, we think America will once again embrace civil defense--on a personal level.

A promising art student helped us out with the new logo ... what thinkest thou, fair readers?

Be sure to check us out regularly for the latest new gear you just might need someday:

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