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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Houston's Rita Evacuation

Here we go again. The good news for Houston area residents is that the massive Katrina disaster was recent enough and impactful enough to have made a serious impression on everyone on the Gulf ... and throughout the country for that matter.

So Houston is benefitting from all those tough lessons learned, by individuals and by the involved authorities.

Here's a report that reflects the uncommon and welcome wisdom being exhibited with regard to this pending crisis: "Houston Residents Scrambling Out of the City." The freeways are in gridlock for 100 miles, gasoline is running out along the routes away from the coast, and of course tensions are high. But with Rita's expected landfall 48 hours away, there will be plenty of time for these folks to be well out of danger.

I have to wonder if there are not decent alternative routes to be taking, other than the eight lanes of freeway (in some parts) being made available to evacuees? There have to be some folks who have their back-up routes mapped out and are using them to their advantage. The freeway gridlock scenario is not a good situation in any event, but at least right now, imminent danger and panic is not a part of the mix.

Once again, prayers are being said here at the Refuge for those who will be struck by a major hurricane along the Gulf Coast. May there be far fewer people who end up, for whatever reason, staying home to foolishly do battle with nature's greatest fury.

Interesting perspective: Hurricane Rita - to stay or go - which one is the right move?
(My 2 cents again: Folks who have previously given this all some thought and preparation are three steps ahead of everyone else and are not having to agonize over the logistics.)

Deja vu all over again?: Previously run hurricane models depict massive devastation in Houston area.

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