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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Maximum Discounts on Mountain House 30-40% off (Limited time) | Build your own case

Mountain House Cans !!    

30-40% Off 

Our summer 2014 Mountain House sale is a big one. Not only do club members and non members get maximum allowed discounts on all can cases AND free shipping in lower 48 states, fresh from the MH Factory but also incredible loyalty benefits members get with our year end rebate. Its for a limited time so Hurry. Get your orders in.  

See how Mountain house produces the high quality food.
Buy more, save more..up to 40%  
BEST VALUE red rubber stamp over a white background.
  • Buy 1   Case  , get 30% off
  • Buy 2   Cases, get 32% off 
  • Buy 3   Cases, get 33% off
  • Buy 4   Cases, get 34% off 
  • Buy 5   Cases, get 35% off 
  • Buy 10 Cases, get 40% off  
Note: Applicable on single transaction. 


Make your own Case !! 
(pick 6 cans of your choice) 
We did a survey in March where we asked you what improvements we can make in our products. One suggestion we received was to offer a variety case. 

 Now you can pick from a selection of our top 10 Mountain House products and pick any 6 cans to make a case. We will sort it and package it to ship to your door, free of course. 
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