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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Join the Club, Order Any Mountain House Case CHEAP for Free Delivery in Two Weeks

Just want to point out that we have now listed all the available Mountain House emergency storage food cases on our buyers club sign-up site:

Non-members can order at our regular prices and get FREE delivery within about two weeks at this point (if the Israel/Iran situation doesn't seriously spook a lot of people and create a demand surge as what happened last year at this time, post-Katrina).

However, Safecastle Royal members (simply sign-up for a $19 lifetime membership fee) can purchase those cases on that site, and use a coupon code to get a very serious discount on those foods.

Mountain House is THE premier emergency storage food, as well as the preferred outdoor adventure-expedition food in the world. The canned food is delicious, nutritious, and easy to store, with a 30-year shelf life.

It's some of the best piece of mind you can buy in a world that is increasingly uncertain.

Get Ready, Seriously ...
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