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Sunday, July 29, 2018

New items Military Surplus Chicken Tenders, Lamb Sirloin and more| Buy cases and get can free plus free gift with every order

Here is an opportunity to lock in prices for 25+ years by buying the top rated, military surplus products  manufactured by a defense contractor for Military. We bring to you items never before introduced in the market !! 

Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods are a gold standard in storage food. With shelf lives proven to be 25 years + Mountain House offers the best variety of prepared meals.

Lindon Farms offers the best in vegetables and fruits that last long.

Now with every order of Military Surplus Case and Mountain House Can Case and Lindon Farms bucket not only you get best discounts and prices but with every order you get a Lifestraw free. 

Valid till July 31st, Act Fast. 

Members Save Extra 

Even our International customers love Safecastle and Military Surplus ..



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