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Monday, February 08, 2016

Final 24 Hours on Huge Mountain House Sale ... up to 46% off! DON'T MISS THIS!

We've got 24 varieties of canned 30-year MH food--ready for prompt, FREE shipping. And it's all on sale only till midnite, Wed., Feb. 10.

Last August a sudden onslaught of customer orders fully depleted the stock of Mountain House canned food at the factory warehouses. Since then, it's been very difficult to find any MH food.

But now--most of the canned varieties are available again to Safecastle customers! All factory-fresh! Shipped direct from the factory and from our warehouses within one week. 

How long will inventories last? Who knows? But right now the gettin' is good.

And you know us ... we love our blockbuster MH sales, so we're all-in with discounts on MH canned food of from 32% to 46%!

PLUS buyers club members receive $afecastle reward gift certificates for their qualifying MH purchases! 

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