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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Act Fast on This ... Freeze-Dried Pork Chops and All Yoders Meats!

Another great deal just dropped in our laps and you can take advantage if you are quick enough.

We've been allocated just 50 cases of surplus freeze dried pork chops again. Last month, a similar allocation sold out in a matter of hours. Someone called these chops "carnivorous gold." They are definitely the most popular, fastest selling item we've had in our store.

NOTE:  Our allotment is not due to arrive to the warehouse until two weeks from today. So we expect to ship our allotted 50 cases of customer orders out at the end of February, but we are selling them out now.

For the next two weeks only, our distributor is cutting us a special deal on Yoders meats. So until Feb. 25, 2014, (or while supplies last), all our Yoders listings, to include the famous Yoders Bacon, is 11%-off. If you are a buyers club member, that 11%-off is in addition to your standard club discount!
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