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Thursday, September 26, 2013

12-Week "Fortify" Freebies Program Ends Noon Tomorrow ... Get Your Free Cases of Cheese and Butter Before Noon on Friday

We've run 12 weeks of the Fortify to Survive program, giving away significantly more than our initial goal of $12K worth of inventory. The weekly freebie program officially ends tomorrow at noon ...

- The Week-12 Freebie package in our ongoing series of Inventory Redistribution offers includes two of our most popular items. This week qualifying member purchases totaling at least $1250 get a free case of canned Bega Cheese (value $160). Qualifying member purchases of at least $2000 ALSO receive a case of Red Feather Butter (value $195). No coupon needed for these. They won't show in your cart. (One of each per household.) Expires noon, Sept. 27.

- Also ... a coupon-code freebie for members and non-members alike (one per household for the month of September) ... use the FFFF coupon code with a qualifying purchase of at least $399. Do that, and you will receive the Food, Fire & Filter Bucket, value of $124!  (When you enter that code, your purchase total will be reduced by one penny which will flag your order for us to include that freebie in your order ... it won't show in your cart). This coupon-code activated offer runs from Sept. 8-Sept. 30 only. The coupon code must be entered at the time of purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are just 4 days left on our crazy, historic Mountain House Sale! For the details on those huge, unprecedented discounts and all the incentives that are available, click here.
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