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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Act Fast: MH Prices Up July 1; Loyalty Prize Drawing July 1; Facebook Drawing July 1

July 1 means a lot for Safecastle preppers ...

1.  Mountain House Buckets and many of the MH canned varieties go up in price (manufacturer pricing). Also, we draw our next winner in our 2013 Loyalty Royalty program. For more on those things, see this.

2.  July 1 is also our next Facebook Safecastle-page-liker drawing. Be sure to like the Safecastle page AND share the linked post.
Most Popular Prepper Products at Safecastle

Don't forget to look in on the NOW ON SALE category regularly for your best opportunities to get the best preps at your best prices. Examples:  the ever-popular Yoders Meat Variety Pack; Yoders Bacon; Bega Canned Cheese; and Red Feather Butter.
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