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Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 16: Qualifying Orders Get Free Gift Certificates of $50 or $125

AEB OX Mini Power Plant Solar Generator
Our 2012 Repel the Chaos program has been cranking out crazy-huge freebie offers every week for four months now. The end is near (the end of the 2012 Repel the Chaos program, I mean). And in fact, the biggest prize drawing of all, for an AEB OX Mini Power Plant Solar Generator is just three weeks away, so be sure you are in the drawing (see this).

This 16th week, from Dec. 10-16, buyers club members who make any purchase totaling at least $350 will receive a free Safecastle Gift Certificate worth $50 ...

or, if spending more than $800, a gift certificate worth $125!!

Maybe, just maybe a Safecastle gift certificate is that perfect gift for the prepper who is serious about his or her preparedness.
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