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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Constitutional Crisis to Be Instigated by White House Over Supreme Court Striking Down Obamacare?!

I just happened to catch the tailend of an expert-panel discussion on Megyn Kelly's March 28 show on Fox News at around 2:30 eastern time. The panelists were discussing the pending Supreme Court decision on the legality of various or all Obamacare provisions.

The discussion ended with one of the panelists adding that the White House today is actively setting up their strategy at this very moment to attack the Supreme Court as partisan and as an invalid authority to judge this matter! I did not catch the man's name who was saying this and will look for video of that segment to appear on the Fox News site. But whoever he was, he reiterated forcefully that if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare, he "guarantees" that that will be the White House's studied reaction ... that the President--a so-called bonafide Constitutional law expert--is better suited to decide such matters--and that the legally constituted Supreme Court of the United States is a partisan and invalid authority.

I say ... what?? If this is indeed what is about to happen--and the White House is actually about to try to castrate the Supreme Court over what they will try to characterize as right-wing, partisan politics, then I would have to suggest we are at the end game.

Just thought I'd better offer this as a timely heads-up. All we can do is watch what happens now and be ready to do whatever is necessary in your AO.

Stay safe.

April 3 Update: Obama Attacks SCOTUS; Judge Napolitano Slams Obama's Dangerous Challenge to Supreme Court's Validity

April 4 Update: White House/Justice Department must answer today  to Federal appeals court whether they believe judges have the right to overturn federal laws 
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