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Monday, June 07, 2010

Socialists See Revolutionary Opportunities Today in Global Unrest Due to Economic Upheaval

There are certainly some elements of truth that ring the bell in this piece posted on the World Socialist Web Site. You must read this if you fancy your head being anywhere near the light of day.

Know at the very least that there are those itching to organize violent revolution just about everywhere throughout the West this summer, taking advantage of growing dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Be very careful about who you throw your allegiance to if and when things start getting frothy, my friends.

Excerpt: Calliol states, “This crisis is directly connected to the end of the world order as we know it since 1945—and even earlier since the European colonisation process. Therefore, the whole global fabric centred on the US for 60 years is slowly collapsing, generating turmoil of all sorts.”

Asked where social unrest will end, she replies, “War. It’s as simple and as horrifying as that.”



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