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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Di Blasi Portable, Folding Motorbikes - Never Be Stranded Again!

Jim Rawles at recently suggested that Safecastle get hooked up with the North American distributor of the famous Italian folding motorbike--the Di Blasi R7E.

I looked into it and found that the distributor and I could mutually agree the fit was perfect. Folding motorbikes that can be stowed in a car trunk, on an RV, boat, or plane, or under a desk ... talk about being prepared!

Fact is, we are now the only web-based Folding Motorbikes, Inc. dealer in North America!

Until or unless we move the DiBlasi to a separate website, which is what we are considering, buyers club discounts of 20% apply, not to mention FREE shipping to the continental United States.

So if this is of interest, the time to get your best price online is right now. See our Buyers Club listing.

By the way, we've still got a few more really cool developments in the pipeline, so stay tuned!
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