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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No New Taxes! Contact your Reps Today! Internet Tax being snuck thru the Senate

Reid and Obama are pushing thru the Senate the Internet Taxation bill that quite simply is just another way to enact a huge new tax on consumers, under the guise of "fairness." 

Fairness to who, you might ask? Well, to big business of course ... those gigantic operations who pay their CEOs and other execs multi-millions while pleading that they are suffering greatly at the hands of the small business people of our nation who are trying their best to create jobs and make a living. Bottom line ... this is another key move by the continually growing corporate/governmental conglomeration that is looking to exact more and more of your hard earned money thru legislation like this.

This taxation bill is sneaky fast in the way it has suddenly come to the surface and is being voted on today without time for publicity or debate. If this bill becomes law, it will directly affect your pocketbook as well as cost countless American jobs (internet-related jobs will move off-shore and American small businesses will shut down).

If the Senate approves this bill today, the last chance for stopping this big new tax is in the House. Obama has endorsed the tax. 

More here and a form that allows you to contact your Senator ...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Uniquely More Efficient Stoves at Safecastle

Lots of new products are inbound at Safecastle. Examples include two completely different stoves that are unique and state-of-the-art in their respective niches ...

1. The brand new stainless steel, off-grid Kimberly wood burning stove, recently featured in Mother Earth News and voted in Popular Mechanics as the most innovative new stove on the market. We are proud to be one of this American manufacturer's first authorized dealers!

There's way too much to crow about with the Kimberley to try to put it all into a paragraph here, but this much I will say: it is beautifully designed, is extremely efficient and powerful, can be portable(it weighs 56 pounds), and with add-on accessories that are expected to become available later this year can produce not only heat, but also hot water and electricity, and it can cook, bake, and dry laundry. Our member price is unbeatable (and of course it ships free).

2. Then there's the VitalGrill Survival Stove ... designed for outdoor use and survival situations. It is small, lightweight, and with its small battery-powered, integrated adjustable blower fan, can burn two to three times hotter than other small stoves, making quick work of boiling water or cooking food, even in extreme conditions.

Check out more of the new items being added in "Our Newest!" category.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Safecastle's New Loyalty Royalty Program - You DO Want to Register for This!

Register Free for the
New 2013 Loyalty Royalty Program
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Let it never be said that we don't take great care of all within our castle walls. Once again, through 2013, we are rewarding our most loyal buyers-club members with a new loyalty incentive program ... a red carpet treatment if you will, that is comprehensive in its scope (applying to all participating-member purchases) ... and retroactive to April 1, 2013!

In brief, our top 10 registered Loyalty Royalty customers (club members) from April through December will at the end of the year earn a rebate gift certificate worth as much as 11% of their purchases during the incentive program period! 
And EVERYONE who registers for the program will receive at least a 1% rebate gift certificate!

Finally--of course we cannot resist conducting great prize drawings on a monthly basis for those participating, so you have multiple ways of being rewarded for your Safecastle loyalty.Read more here about how it all works and how it is quick, easy, and free to register (required to participate).

NOTE: This is an incentive/rebate program for our buyers club members. Become a lifetime member by purchasing a membership here.
We're back in the mode of finding and adding cool new products to our store. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be sending out emails pointing out some of those new products worth your attention. In the meantime--enjoy the "Our Newest!" category.

Lastly, our recent Mountain House cans sale is over, but we have made available to you many other best-selling foods and even many of our newest products at great sale prices right now. Shop those sale items here. 

Prepare and fortify!

Friday, April 12, 2013

6-month No-Interest, No-Payment Financing: MAX Mountain House Food Sale Only thru Apr. 15; FREE LifeStraws or Gift Certificates

Haven't received your tax refund yet but need to get that storage food supply topped off? Paypal's Bill Me Later is there for you when you shop at Safecastle.

You asked--we respond ...  
Not everyone wants or needs LifeStraws, but Gift Certificates are universally valuable. So yes--we are giving you the opportunity, from Apr. 11-13 only, to reap your Royalty Rewards in the form of $20 gift certificates for every three Mountain House can cases purchased. During the rest of the month of April, the Royalty Rewards are a free LifeStraw for every three MH can cases bought by club members. Either way, you come out a winner.

Safecastle is throwing a huge one-week SALE on Mountain House freeze-dried food in #10 cans at the maximum-permitted discounts, 25% + ... along with that special Royalty Rewards offer to our buyers club members!

And yes, everything ships free to the lower 48.

Needless to say, Mountain House storage food has no equal ...
30-year shelf life, proven again and again. The go-to storage and emergency  food for serious preppers, government agencies, military organizations, relief agencies, and adventurers around the world for more than 40 years! (Don't be taken in by the pretenders out there.)

Amazing varieties available--foods that you and your kids love to eat. Easy to store, easy to prepare.

This Max-Discount Sale lasts only thru April 15, 2013.

Monday, April 08, 2013

It's Live: The One-Week MAX-Discount Mountain House Foods Sale, with FREE LifeStraws to Qualified Buyers!

This is a unique opportunity ... a sale on Mountain House freeze-dried food in #10 cans at the maximum-permitted discounts, along with a special offer to our buyers club members of a FREE LifeStraw with every three MH can-cases purchased in a transaction--no limit!

Of course everything ships free to the lower 48, as well.

Mountain House storage food has no equal. 30-year shelf, proven again and again. The go-to storage food for serious preppers, government agencies, military organizations, relief agencies, and adventurers around the world for more than 40 years.

Check the amazing varieties available--foods that you and your kids love to eat. Easy to store, easy to prepare.

This sale lasts only one week ... thru April 15, 2013.
Shop here today.

The need is becoming more apparent ... and more urgent. It's up to you to take care of your loved ones by preparing for future uncertainty. Safecastle is here to help.

Subjugation vs. Liberty: The essence of the global struggle ... Will there be resistance?

It wasn't that long ago that a strong sense of personal morality was NOT the exception to the rule.

In Western cultures, adherence to principles respecting personal liberties and the value of every individual were embraced with deep-seated feeling.

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" ... that was the 7-word summary of America, and it was what many of our friends around the world strove to achieve.

However, over the last 20 years, and especially in the last 5 years, respect for the individual has been completely negated and transposed with a massive institutional march to control and subjugate the masses. You and I are no longer citizens with valid opinions or beliefs, or with the freedom to act of our own free will. We are all now simply part of the whole.

Everything that is being done now in the macro by our wise leaders clearly shows an intent on their part not to represent us, but to bundle and shrink-wrap us for easy accounting and management.

  • Obamacare--sold to us as a way to save money--is now clearly revealed to be about forcing lifestyle management and compliance for all, at reduced quality and far greater cost than previous healthcare models.
  • Immense, immoral growth of national and household debt is irrevocably encumbering our future and the future of our children with impossible-to-escape chains of economic slavery.
  • Job losses, price inflation, and mushrooming tax obligations for all income levels are crumbling the foundation of what was said to be the last remaining superpower of the 20th century.
  • Unbridled explosions in the growth of "homeland security" assets and the dissolving of Constitutional liberties in America have stunned citizens into disbelief and paralysis.
  • Shocking characterizations by the government's security apparatus of the Judeo-Christian values that built this country as actually now being those of extremist-terrorists are turning what's left of the America of yesteryear on its head. 
  • The Jeffersons, Lincolns, Churchills, Reagans, and Thatchers of our past are demonized by our children's educators and our media's talking heads, paving the way for a smooth transition to global leftist governance and population control. 
  • Political correctness has stifled public debate and created an effective mind-control mechanism that prevents and punishes individual thought and clear self-expression.

What is left to do to complete the transition? It's all on the table now.

Will it indeed be a quiet, meek and submissive surrender by the billions of souls on this earth to the few who see themselves as superior and aim to prove it? Or will there be resistance?

Monday, April 01, 2013

Free LifeStraws with Qualifying Mountain House Food Purchases!

New April offer for Safecastle buyers club members ... free LifeStraws with qualifying Mountain House canned food purchases:

Remember--if any Mountain House dealer is having a sale on MH cans, we can match those prices, plus give you your qualifying LifeStraws, and of course ship for free to the lower 48!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Gotta'-Have Coffee, Cocoa Nibs, and Bacon in Long-Term Storage: ON SALE

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We're on a mission at Safecastle. That is, to give you every
opportunity to finish laying up the supplies you want and need
for what is looming large out there.

Check all our sale items here. Many of these items, for our
club members, are at our cost or close to it. 

Prepare and fortify!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Best-Price Out There on Yoders Canned Bacon: Act fast!

Yoders Canned Bacon is traditionally our most popular single listing. Today, we are discounting the Yoders bacon so that our club member pricing is killer!

Can you live without bacon? All the feedback we get on this product is that folks are amazed at how tasty this Yoders bacon is ... and it stores in excess of 10 years! Eat it today or well down the road, and you'll be in hog heaven.

Now at Safecastle: AlpineAire and Gourmet Reserves ... Member Discounted!

Safecastle is proud to now offer selected AlpineAire and Gourmet Reserves storage food packages, with special buyers club member discounts.
AlpineAire and Gourmet Reserves foods have the proven top-quality track record that we look for in the foods we offer to our customers. Now under new management, they are even better than before, equipped to deliver orders in a timely fashion--an issue that in the past had plagued that supplier.

Great prices, free shipping, top-quality nutrition and delicious, long-term storage food ... all in easy-to-prepare system packages that take the guesswork out of your food storage plans. Check out these deals today: 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Apocalimericks Winner #1

Apocalimericks winner #1, from Pistol Pete:

“If ever one needed a life
Prepper Pete does,” said his frustrated wife.
“’Stead of dinner and dancing,”
he said, “I’ll skip the romancing …
for my birthday I’ll take the new knife.”

For contest details, see:

Monday, March 25, 2013

Win Gift Certificates with your Apocalimericks!

Real preppers like a little rhyme (or is it reason?) in their chowder.

Score a Safecastle gift certificate with your submitted Apocalimerick if it is chosen as worthy.

Example of an apocalimerick:
There was a wise prepper named Catherine
who saw the dark clouds a gatherin'
    She joined up with Safecastle
    prepped quickly, no hassle
then stayed dry when the stuff started splattering.

More Food Buckets! Check the Lindon Farms BIG DEAL!

There's no question anymore ... preparedness is about survival, and this could very well be a near-term issue the way things are shaping up out there.

We're doing all we can to crank-up the bargains and deals for you to make sure you're as best situated as possible.

The deal we are posting today is a great example ... the Lindon Farms BIG DEAL. This offer includes a one-week variety meal bucket (20 year shelf life), your choice of a meat bucket (15 year shelf), AND a GoalZero SOLO LED flashlight ... at 19% off for the package.

Reminder:  Most of our Food Supply Depot and Food for Health International buckets (20-year shelf life) are 15% off ... and for members, 32% off!!There are 15 unique buckets to choose from.

          Shop our Bucket List Sale here today.

Advisory:  Price Hike Soon on the Mountain House 
25-Year Variety Buckets

Come April 1, producer prices on the Mountain House pouch buckets are going up. These MH buckets are filled with some of the best selling freeze-dried food varieties in pouches ... tested to last 25 years on the shelf! Two bucket varieties to choose from, or select both. Free shipping and member discounts DO apply.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Those Anticipating Fiscal Crisis/Collapse Converting into Real Assets

Breaking news:  Observers are noting an alarming, sudden decline in the global population of "subterranean cranialists" ... status-quo, head-in-the-sand, bright-futurist viewpoints dissolving in the face of the brash moves by banking elites to confiscate depositors' funds in Cyprus, and reportedly in New Zealand too.

Unfortunately, if you are one of the millions of folks now furiously rubbing your eyes trying to focus on the glaring reality of the situation, well, you are too late to get ahead of the curve.

Nonetheless, you are still on pace to join the stampeding herds that are moving en masse to convert risky holdings into real assets that will hold or appreciate in value through a catastrophic global confidence crisis. Think life-sustaining assets such as farmland, precious metals, firearms, ammunition, storage food, survival gear, and alternative energy sources. Anything that actually has a practical value and that you hold in your possession can qualify.

The time is now to do what you must, or potentially suffer the consequences if you choose to further deny or delay.

Get Ready Seriously at

Monday, March 18, 2013

50 Free Crisis Preparedness Buyers Club Memberships: Act Fast!

- Special Facebook Offer Valid Mar. 18 thru Mar. 21, 2013 Only -
(or until the limited supply of 50 memberships are issued ... whichever comes first)

As you know, a membership in our buyers club is the absolute smartest way to get serious about your crisis preparedness. In a nutshell, the benefits are summarized here.

To get your FREE lifetime membership, just ...

1.  LIKE our Facebook page here. (If you have already liked our page, that's great.)

2.  SHARE the "50 Free Lifetime Safecastle Buyers Club Memberships" Facebook POST at the top of our Facebook page (linked in #1 above).

3.  EMAIL us your Facebook user name ... use the subject line: FB Free Club Membership

Then, we will email you your coupon code you can use to make the free membership "purchase" in our store.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cyprus Citizens are Well-Armed; Is the EU's Bank Account Tax-Confiscation There a Dry Run for Bigger Subsequent Actions?

A bulldozer parked in front of a bank in Cyprus
 foreshadows depositor intentions.
As most know by now, the EU has aggressively moved this weekend, if the nation's Parliament approves it, to impose a sudden and significant confiscatory tax on all bank deposits in Cyprus. A bank holiday has been declared for Monday and Tuesday at this point in order to prevent capital from fleeing the country. Bank runs in Cyprus are guaranteed whenever the banks do reopen.

Given the fact that this unprecedented move implies that no one's bank deposits anywhere are truly safe, panic among account holders throughout Europe is possible. Not sure how that will play out and whether the fiends behind this move have carefully thought this all through.

But what if they have put a lot of thought into this? Surely they are aware that Cyprus citizens are among the best armed people in the world (ranking number 6 in the rate of private gun ownership per 100 population). This could perhaps be a relatively small-scale test of how passive and pliable citizens are today, even when well armed.

Monday, March 11, 2013

LifeStraws, Food Buckets, WaterBricks, Jerry Cans

Some timely budget-friendly prepping opportunities at Safecastle right now ... 

1.  a. FOUR 15-year Lindon Farms freeze-dried MEAT buckets AND the Lindon Farms Storage Seeds bucket are all 10% off. Even better-- each of the meat buckets comes with a FREE GoalZero Crank Flashlight!

     b. All the Food for Health International buckets are 15% off ... for members,32% off!! There are 15 unique 20-year buckets to choose from.

          Shop our Bucket List Sale here today.

2.  Come April 1, producer prices on the Mountain House pouch buckets are going up. These MH buckets are filled with some of the best selling freeze-dried food varieties in pouches ... tested to last 25 years on the shelf! Two bucket varieties to choose from, or select both. Free shipping and member discounts DO apply.

3.  We now have WaterBricks--robust, portable, stackable ... at great member prices!

4.  LifeStraws are back in stock and ready to ship!

5.  And Jerry Cans are shipping too!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Buckets from Food for Health Int'l. & Lindon Farms: On Sale For a Short Time Only

Some great new budget-friendly deals at Safecastle for a short time only ... 

1.  FOUR 15-year Lindon Farms freeze-dried MEAT buckets AND the Lindon FarmsStorage Seeds bucket are all 10% off. Even better-- each of the meat buckets comes with a FREE GoalZero Crank Flashlight!

2.  All the Food for Health International buckets are 15% off ... for members, 32% off!! There are 15 unique 20-year buckets to choose from.

          Shop our Bucket List Sale here today.