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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Prepper Gut-Check

Anyone else feeling the hairs starting to rise?

I've been in the crisis preparedness business a long time now. I've been through a lot of periods where genuine crises, catastrophes, and tragedies have twisted the macro guy-wires about as tight as they will go. But we are in uncharted territory here.

Today, if you are still paying close attention, you recognize that the tension on society's many key guy wires are at the breaking point.

"If you are still paying close attention" is an important qualifier here. Over time, even conditions where overly taut, massively stressful environments can assume the position of the new normal and you can ease into a comfortable pocket of denial.

  • The global economy has been massaged, reshaped, and painted over to the point where it quite simply is now a giant, unyielding brick teetering toward its long-delayed, earth-shaking tumble over the edge.
  • International tensions are gearing up to levels not seen since the Cold War ... and hot wars without boundaries are quite possibly imminent.
  • Social, racial, political, and religious confrontations are extending beyond acceptable restraints into the realm of criminal assaults and incendiary media driven cheerleading.
  • And speaking of criminals ... is anyone else having a hard time separating the good guys from the bad guys?

Today, our own country's power complex has assumed the attitude that its own people ... the traditional, conservative backbone of America ... pose the greatest "terrorist threat" to their own continuity.

Gut-Check Time

I don't really know where the breaking point will turn out to be or in what order the cascade of society will hit bottom. But if you have managed to keep from being lulled into a sense of ill-timed complacency, then you will likely agree with me that we are now well into a period we might call a "pre-crunch prepper gut-check."

Clearly the bottom is falling out. Our support structures are failing and any social safety nets will be torn away. If you haven't gotten all your gear and supplies squared away by now and started focusing on critical security and self-defense issues, then you are behind the curve, my friends.

At least that's what my gut tells me.

A sudden and unexpected attack on reality will result from an economic collapse or other potential sources and will be devastating for most.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Mountain House Discounts Not Seen in at Least Five Years: Up to 34%!

1. Mountain House just contacted us last night--they are offering a special discount for the rest of July on their canned freeze dried fruits and vegetables. That means we can offer you those products at a discount not seen in at least 5 years ... up to 34% off SRP! And of course, the rest of our MH can listings remain at the maximum-allowed 25%-off thru July 18. Shop the MH sale here.

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Reminder--effective August 1, MH is raising the SRP by 5% on many of their canned items, so now is the time to move on shoring up your food stores with the best emergency food money can buy.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Celebrate Your Independence; Exercise Your Liberty to Prepare

We are still at liberty to prepare for the tough times ahead. Those who are exercising those liberties today will be the ones who are in position to hold strong and to help others ... rather than having to be dangling on the other side of the wall when the bottom falls out.

Safecastle is pulling out all the stops this month to ensure the best opportunity for you to get squared away right now ...

1. If you're not a buyers club member yet, you can now get a membership for free using our special offer. And if you are a member, you have a gift from us in the form of a $20 coupon code (one use per customer). Get those coupon codes here:

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3. A bonus Mountain House cans sale is now live, good thru July 18. We are of course offering the maximum allowed 25% off on all MH cans, as well as offering our club members their exclusive Royalty Rewards gift certificates ($30 for every three cases of MH cans in a transaction). As always at Safecastle, everything always ships free to the lower 48.

4. We've got a lot of new products in the store lately--to include some low-sodium Mountain House foods, the old-favorite MH 7-day kit (limited time availability), and a new premium MH 10-pack meal assortment in pouches. Shop all our new items here.

Stay free.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Options for Purifying Water

In a survival situation, clean drinking water is your most important resource. Depending on the environmental conditions and your physical activity, a person cannot safely go longer than a few days without water.

If you are embarking on a household preparedness effort, water needs to be at the top of your list. Plan for at least one gallon of water per person per day to satisfy drinking and food-preparation needs. Beyond that, additional water is needed for hygiene. If you can store purified or city-treated water in a cool dark area, that is an excellent start. Ideally, you want to use new water-storage containers or barrels that meet UN and FDA regulations. You should rotate/freshen your water storage every six months or so unless you treat that water with water preserver concentrate that can extend your shelf life to five years. (Household bleach is not a water preserver. In fact, bleach loses potency very quickly—any bleach that is beyond six months out of the factory is largely worthless for purification purposes.)


It’s good to have on hand several different capabilities for purifying water.

Boiling: The old standby and probably the best method is the ability to boil water. Boil for at least 10-15 minutes to kill most bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Allow to cool to room temperature.

Chemical disinfection: The next best option is to use a proper dosage of a commercially produced water purification tablet, such as Katadyn Micropur, Coghlan’s, or Potable-Aqua. Iodine products such as tincture of iodine or crystalline iodine are also effective. (Important: iodine can be lethal if used in quantities greater than recommended and iodine-treated water should not be used by pregnant women or consumed by anyone for more than a few weeks at a time.) Note that cryptosporidium and other parasites may not be killed using chemical disinfection methods. Be sure to follow directions for each product with measured water volumes.

Portable water filters: The thing to look for with water filters is the filter’s absolute pore size. Filters are designed to remove parasites (Giardia/Cryptosporidium) and have an "absolute” pore sizes of 0.1 to 1-micrometer (the smaller the pore size, the better). They will also remove most diarrhea-causing bacteria. Most portable water filters do not remove viruses so chemical disinfection is recommended after filtration.

Chlorine (NOT a good option): Chlorine has been thought by many to be a reliable way of treating water, but it is risky doing so, since chlorine degrades so quickly and loses its efficacy. Iodine or other stable water-treatment chemicals are more effective.

For more info on water treatment options, visit:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lots of Mountain House News ...

1. Check out these many new Mountain House Listings:

a. Where to start? How about with the brand new MH Military Surplus 10-Year Pouches ... for feeding a small army or a good-sized family group. Shelf life is 10 years at least. These are member discounted and of course ship free.
The coveted MH 7-Day Kit

b. Next--the 7-Day Kits are temporarily available again! These have always been really popular with preppers, yet they are rarely produced and packaged by MH. It has been a few years since we have been able to offer them. Right now, MH has just a few hundred in stock, so move very fast if you want these--again, yes, member discounted.

c. A brand new MH 10-Pack of favorite dinner pouches, double servings, 7-year shelf. Great for camping, go-bags, car trunks, etc. And yep--member discounted.

d. Some great new low-sodium varieties in pouches and in cans (pouches are member discounted): Chicken Alfredo (pouches, cans); New Orleans Rice & Shrimp (cans, pouches) and Chicken & White Bean Chili (only in pouches).

2. MH-Can Price Hike takes effect August 1. Many of the canned varieties will be rising in price by 5%, as determined by the factory (and required by our dealer agreements). We had previously expected the price hike to take effect July 1, but delays at the factory give you an additional month to take advantage of the pre-hike pricing.

3. We have been "gifted" by MH with a fourth allowed can sale this year and we are running that additional sale from July 4-18. The discounts will be the maximum-allowed 25% for all MH can listings. Everything ships free and our buyers club members additionally enjoy our unique Royalty Rewards program for qualifying purchases.

Remember--we always match other MH dealers' sale prices at any time so you can always get your best pricing plus your member rewards on top of that!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Free Lifestraws and a Prepper Survey!

Hope you had a great Father's Day! I want to fill you in on a couple of developments that should be of interest to you ...

1.  This week, we are giving away more than 50 Lifestraws--the hottest lifesaving water filter on the market. We are awarding them via two avenues:

a. Watch and like our Facebook page (liking our Facebook page will ALSO get you into our monthly drawing for a free case of Mountain House food (value to $400!):

To get in the daily Lifestraw drawing on Facebook, simply go to our Facebook page, find the current day's drawing thread, and post a link in that thread to a favorite Safecastle product listing. Then come back daily to find out if you are a winner and to re-enter the next day's drawing.

b. We are also posting a Lifestraw giveaway thread in our SurvivalistBoards forum every day for another way to get your hands on one.

2.  The first in our planned series of prepper polls is out and I want to encourage you to participate--"Your Prepper Posture - June 2012". It takes but a few minutes.

You can also see results at any time here.

Thank you for your business.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mountain House POUCHES Pass the Taste Test at 30 Years!

We all know Mountain House freeze dried food in cans is going to be good for 30 years. But now the good folks at MH just tested some of their stored POUCH foods from 30 years ago to give them the once-over.

Here's what they said:

So we're often asked about the shelf life of Mountain House meals. Our pouches have a "Best if Used By:" date of 7 years after production. What happens after 8 years? 10 years? 20 years?

Last week our team decided to take matters into our own hands and opened up the Mountain House Archive to test six different 30-year old pouches. And by "test", we mean "taste".

The results ranged from decent to delicious! Although our team could tell which meals were from The Archive, the 30-year old Mountain House pouches were still wholesome, nutritious, and tasty. Take a peek at the results below (click the image to enlarge) …

This is actually great news if you have been concerned about your MH pouch stash. It's also good to note that our buyers club members do always get 20%-off all MH pouch cases and they get free shipping to the lower 48. Shop for Mountain House pouches here:

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

See 3-D Model of Safecastle's 50' Military-Grade Bomb Shelter

Safecastle's experienced shelter builders (20 years and 500 shelters around the USA) provide some of the most robust, yet cost-effective shelters available. Storm shelters, safe rooms, NBC fallout shelters, and now also military-grade bomb/fallout shelters are made of heavy-gauge steel plate ... engineered to last almost 100 years, lifetime guaranteed for structural integrity.

Shelters ranging in value from $5K to well over $1M have been built and installed for private households, corporations, communities, and government agencies.

Have a look at some 3D modeling of a 50-foot Military-grade Fallout / Bomb Shelter.

See also the Safecastle shelter site with much more info, images, price lists, and video--including clips of The Weather Channel doing their best to destroy one of those shelters - very amusing, entertaining, and impressive.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Why Prepare & Fortify?

Deep down, you know that serious crisis preparedness is the wise approach to life in the 21st century. But if you need some factual context to bolster your resolve, have a look at these four longer term trends reflecting growing distress (beyond the simmering brew of near-term economic doom that is now quickly coming to a boil) ...

Disasters Infographic

Embed this image on your site:

See also: "What's Your Plan A: Bug-out or Dig-in?"

Shop online at and get club member discounts and free shipping all the time on the world's best storage food brands, such as Mountain House freeze dried food.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Case of Mountain House Food Awarded Tomorrow--June 1

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

June 1: Giving Away a Case Of MH Food, Winner's Choice--Value Up to $400!

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June 1 is our next Mountain House food case drawing.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Preparedness Base Camp

Mt. McKinley from the north
Crisis preparedness is by necessity a unique and highly personal endeavor. Your needs, skill sets, physical condition, comfort level, budget considerations, and other factors help define how you can create an effective preparedness plan that delivers peace of mind.

One primary facet of how you approach preparedness that gets little attention is how you see and understand the world. Clearly, your view of reality, your position, and the context of your day-to-day existence in relation to your global horizons are going to largely determine the course of your preparedness path.
Your Base Camp
It’s important to make sense of who and where you are, as well as where you want to go in your quest for preparedness.
Allow me to quickly illustrate …
Mt. McKinley in Alaska is the highest mountain peak in North America--20,320 ft above sea level. Let’s say that vast chunk of granite geographically represents the challenge of crisis readiness. Some folks aspire to being at the peak of the mountain, while others would be quite satisfied with finding their place somewhere on the slopes at an elevation that makes sense for them.
Those eyeing the preparedness challenge surround the mountain—yes, there are millions of us. We are scattered in every direction all around, admiring the beauty and recognizing the reward if we succeed.
Does this mean we will all take the same path? Of course not. We are each starting from a different point and we all have our own unique objectives to reach on that mountain.
But it even goes beyond geography. Yes, we are looking at Mt. McKinley from the North or the South, East, West, or points between. We are at the base of the mountain or maybe 100 miles away. We all see the mountain, but what we perceive is influenced also by the season, weather conditions, AND the lens through which we are viewing it.
Polish the Lens
Focus is key at the early stages of our preparedness journey. The lens we are using to look upon the objective, as well as the rest of the world, is our own special portal or filter that no one else has. As individuals, we have shaped, grinded, polished, centered, and coated our own lens through which we see life. Perhaps that work continues as you make your way.
But for the preparedness journey, if you know where you stand and why it is you are seeing things the way you do, then you are going to have a far greater chance of succeeding … not only in your preparedness ambitions but in life itself.