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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Your Food Prices Today and Tomorrow - Prepare Prudently

The USDA keeps tabs on food-cost data, using a number of different parameters. If you're interested in such things, here's a nice place to start on their website:  a table of Food CPI and expenditures.

From that table, you will find, among other things, that in 2010 the average total per capita food expenditure in the US was $4016. The USDA also just came out with a statement to the effect that they anticipate the 2011 number will be up to 4.5% higher. That means when the 2011 data is in the books, they expect the per capita number could reach $4197.

The most current rate of food price inflation is actually showing higher than 5%, with meats and dairy leading the way (for instance, beef prices are up better than 10% from September 2010 to September 2011).

Your mileage may very well differ from these numbers. Most folks I know would see 5% annual food price increases as far more moderate than what they are personally experiencing. Much depends on what and how you eat. Also, if you have a number of mouths to feed, those per capita increases deliver a magnified impact on a household budget.

Boiled and Mashed

I like to boil these numbers down to cost per day and then cost per meal. The assumption is not that these food costs equate to three meals per day. I know that in reality, Americans snack and eat and drink at times other than at mealtime. But I am in the preparedness food business, and looking at the cost of daily sustenance is pertinent to our marketplace.

The USDA seems to be expecting that our 2011 per capita daily food costs are at $11.50. A family of 4 is spending $46.00 a day on food. You can easily do your own math based on your own household size to cost per meal.

That USDA per capita number is averaged across all income brackets. If you are upper middle class or better, your food cost is no doubt higher--significantly.

Preparing for Higher Costs Tomorrow

There is no doubt that food price pressures are increasing. Growing global populations and emerging markets where populations are entering the competition for limited food supplies will lead to higher food costs down the road. Weather disasters causing crop failures are expected to continue to grow in significance. We won't even go where the USDA does not tread in their forecasting ... such as what might happen in the case of economic collapse or the eruption of major warfare, and how that could affect food supplies and prices.

Needless to say, more than ever, a quality food storage program is the foundation for any serious-minded household preparedness effort.

Preparing by the Numbers

Some folks new to preparedness shy away from making major food investments, even knowing that food which stores well for decades is going to be be far more valuable and critical when the time comes for its consumption.

But the USDA data actually helps some folks to put it all into perspective. Bottom line--do not expect that quality food--the kind you are accustomed to eating--and especially food that is specifically canned and packaged for long-term storage, is going to cost less than what you are spending today for your food. You know--the food that is processed and packaged in volumes meant for prompt consumption in massive consumer-driven quantities.

In other words--if want to be confident in building a truly adequate and satisfying food storage program for your family, start with the $11.50 per day per person number and go from there. Spend less than that, and something somewhere is wrong and you are likely not getting what you may believe you are getting.

It is still in your power to be ready for what is coming.
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Total Collapse - The Build-up to WWIII

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wow! - See How 90% of Americans Have Gotten Shafted Over the Past 30 Years

The Economic Policy Institute has put together an amazing interactive chart that shows the growth of incomes in the US over the past 90 years--broken down by who the gains went to.

Read this short article by Henry Blodget! Good historical context there, as well as shocking evidence of elite greed.

Bottom line, "In the past 30 years, 96% of the growth of average incomes in this country have gone to the richest 10% of the country. And in the past 10 years, the incomes of the other 90% have declined."

Wonder why global unrest is igniting?
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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Maximum 25%-Off Mountain House Cans Sale: Oct. 16-19

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

"Meltdown": Watch All Four Episodes

Very important viewing here--a documentary produced by CBC Canada regarding the grim global impact of the financial crash of 2008, which is now returning with a vengeance.

Part 1: The Men Who Crashed the World

Part 2: A Global Financial Tsunami

Part 3: Paying the Price

Part 4: After the Fall

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free Copy of Rawles' New Novel, "Survivors," w/ Qualifying Purchase

It's been about 15 years since James Wesley, Rawles' novel Patriots appeared on the scene. Through the years, that book and the author have taken on iconic status in the preparedness community. Now Jim's long-awaited sequel is about to be unleashed, and we're providing free hardcover copies with qualifying purchases of our new Mountain House 3-can packages ... a practical package that also includes an Aurora Firestarter!

These full packages will begin shipping complete October 4--the official release date for "Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse." 

We have a limited number of copies of the book ... orders will go out in the order they are received. The queue begins here, now. Get your order in early.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry vs. President Zero

I'm a long way from zeroing in on any politician to support in next year's presidential election ... but I do know who has zero chance of getting my support ...

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A Repeat of the Great Depression is Our Best Case Scenario

President of the Ayn Rand Institute Yoran Brook says that we’re essentially out of solutions for the economic, financial and monetary crisis facing America. He joins The Daily Ticker to discuss the general sentiment from the institute’s recent Atlas Shrugged Revolution dinner, which featured attendees like Euro Pacific Capital’s Peter Schiff and John Tamny of RealClearMarkets:
The mood in the room was definitely that this country is heading towards some kind of collapse, some  kind of significant disaster. That everything kind of is lined up and nobody, really, in the political realm, out there in the culture seems to have solutions…

If we look long-term. If we look at the structural problems of the United States, at over $100 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, of ongoing deficits, of no political solutions, of nobody talking about real cuts, where does this all lead?

Unless we have real structural change I think it will [lead to disaster]… Unless you change the approach to government, unless you’re willing to challenge the very notion of what government needs to do, you’re not going to change it in a fundamental way.
…Unless you make a fundamental change in our approach to entitlement, in our approach to government, we can buy time, but we’re not going to change the outcome.

Unless there’s alternatives, unless people come up with real solutions, the crisis could be anywhere from a major economic depression and we learn our lesson and we climb out of it, to what happened to Rome, which really is the dark ages…
…I think we have to remember that…civilizations in human history have declined, they’ve disappeared…Sometimes in human history mankind has gone through long periods of time of just struggling, of it being very hard to survive.

Based on the assessment of Mr. Brooks, and that of other analysts and commentators (including ourselves), our best case scenario appears to be a major economic depression, not a short-cycle 18 month recession (or even double dip), but a long-term cyclical depressionary bust that occurs roughly every 70 – 80 years. It’s not just Yoran Brooks and alternative media that is warning of this possibility, but well respected and influential economists and business figures like Nouriel Roubini, who just today in an opinion piece for Reuters writes, “the risks ahead are not just of a mild double-dip recession, but of a severe contraction that could turn into Great Depression II,” and George Soros who recently wrote that more centralization is the “only way to forestall a possible financial meltdown and another Great Depression.”

In fact, it is our strong belief that, based on the high rate of unemployment (~23%), food stamp participation (~17%), foreclosures (officially in excess of 4 million home thus far), rising food prices (13.2% annualized), and negative GDP growth (~ negative 2.0%), speaking of  another Great Depression as if it is a future threat is inaccurate.

We are now well within Great Depression territory. It may not seem like a depression to the masses because of modern day digital currencies, centrally planned and managed economies, near tyrannical government control, the power of the global mainstream media to control perceptions, and the never ending bread and circuses doled out by politicians. But, make no mistake, we are already in the midst of Mr. Brook’s ‘best case scenario.’

Our only hope is that it does not go full-on worst-case scenario, because then we’ll be talking about the widespread collapse of entire nations, similar to the Roman example cited.

Author: Mac Slavo
Date: September 20th, 2011
Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Celente: Things are Going to Get Much Worse

Reclaim the Constitution from Scofflaw Government

From Richard Viguerie & Mark Fitzgibbons:

Dear fellow conservative,

We wanted you to be one of the first to receive a copy of something we believe could change the 2012 election -- and many elections after that. It's about reclaiming the Constitution from scofflaw government.

The political establishment is now openly contemptuous in its disregard for the Constitution. Elected officials, judges and bureaucrats have corrupted the law that is supposed to protect society and our freedoms. Many private lawyers commit the moral equivalent of legal malpractice by aiding lawbreaking by the political establishment.

In some political campaigns we now hear talk about American exceptionalism and constitutional conservatism, but too few candidates explain the link between these important ideals. The left wants to destroy American exceptionalism, and attacks constitutional conservatism. We need candidates who understand and can articulate what constitutional conservatism is all about.

We've written what we think is a comprehensive and defining pamphlet of principles, purpose and proposals for constitutional conservatives. It articulates some key ways to reclaim the Constitution from scofflaw government, and to preserve American exceptionalism.

The pamphlet starts this way: "Government is the oldest, largest and most pervasive lawbreaker in America."

We take on the entire political establishment in our no-holds pamphlet describing how government is now society's biggest lawbreaker; so big that nothing is a close second.

Based on decades of experience fighting government lawbreaking in the name of free market conservative principles, we set forth some new ways of thinking, and perhaps confirm what others already know, about why America's exceptionalism is in decline, and how the constitutional conservative movement is the last, best chance to save our country.

We put these ideas in the context of what constitutional conservatives know to be true. Our pamphlet links great thoughts and ideals from the 18th Century English giant, Sir William Blackstone, through James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, to the modern conservative movement that began in the 1950s, and now to the Tea Party. We have set forth these ideals in a way that applies right now.

It's called "The Law That Governs Government: Reclaiming the Constitution from Usurpers and Society's Biggest Lawbreaker."

Here is a link to an excerpt from the introduction, which we call "The People's Opening Argument."

The entire pamphlet itself, which is available at, includes one appendix with 30 questions people may ask candidates for federal and state office to test their knowledge of, and fidelity to, the Constitution and constitutional conservative principles. We provide another appendix with over 200 items showing government lawbreaking, but that doesn't even scratch the surface of our scofflaw government.

Our pamphlet describes how the political establishment shows contempt for the Constitution, how it rigs the rules to protect and hide its lawbreaking, and why reclaiming the Constitution as the law that governs government may be the most important goal for conservatives if we are to govern effectively.

Above all else, our pamphlet is about what James Madison described as the remedy obtained from the people for the violations of law, the theft of our rights, and usurpation of constitutional authority.

Our principal goal in writing this pamphlet is to help launch an effort to push the Constitution into the center of the 2012 election.

We're planning a major marketing, PR, and advertising campaign to make the failure of most of our political leaders to follow the Constitution an important issue in the 2012 primaries and general election.

To begin this effort, we're writing to people of influence such as yourself, urging them to do what they can to inform and educate others.

To encourage you and others to get this message out, we're not copyrighting our pamphlet. We want to encourage you to make whatever use of it you wish with or without attribution.

Saving America is what's important -- not who gets credit for this or that. The selflessness and the sacrifices of our Founders should be an inspiration and encouragement for all of us.

This Constitution Day, it's time to do more that curse the problem. It's time to reclaim the Constitution.

Please join us in this endeavor to save America from lawbreaking government.


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Hyperinflation is Here: 37% Money Printing Hike!


"Fri., Sept. 16:  I'm going to have to start off with a four letter word this morning, so if you're offended by hard, brutal truth being spoken, then skip this part:  New data just posted by the Fed shows we are totally, irrevocably fucked:   The Federal Reserve M1  3-month  printing rate is up to 36.7 percent annualized!!!!  What's more the 3-month M2 printing rate is screaming along up 23.3% basis the three month rate annualized.

"Where the hell is our MSM cadre of so-called business reporters and editors when abominations like this are rising up in the economic data?"
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Most Stirring Performance Ever of the National Anthem

Immediately following the worldwide broadcast of the emotional, heartbreaking 10-year commemoration of the 9/11 attacks, Jim Cornelison performed the most amazing rendition of the National Anthem ever ...