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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Celebrate your Independence & Self-reliance: Prices slashed on most popular survival products

Our customers a breed apart: Resourceful, Self-reliant!
Take pride in your commitment to independence

This time of year, we celebrate the sacrifices our forefathers made in the cause of liberty and the groundwork they laid for generations of Americans who followed. Today, that can-do spirit is rare, with millions out there incredibly dependent upon Uncle Sugar to provide for their every need.

What makes our work here at Safecastle so satisfying is the fact that our customers are so unique ... oftentimes throwbacks to the type of people who made America great. That is: proud, productive, striving for self sufficiency, independent. We appreciate you and who you are committed to being, whatever the future holds.

ONLY through July 15, we are offering up some of our most popular products at extra steep discounts.   

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Big Mountain House #10-cans Sale ... Up to 12 Survival Freebies!

Headlines are alarming. Outlooks are grim. And they're hiding the truly scary developments because you can't handle it.

Or can you? Are you doing what needs to be done at the personal level to maximize the survivability of you and yours?

Well we know there are plenty of folks who know the score, and it happens we're in a position to help. So what is Safecastle doing? Some here in our steel-plate bunker HQ have said we're getting "irrational."

Hear that? That's my maniacal laugh. And this is your opportunity ...

1. Right now, we're offering huge discounts on all Mountain House freeze-dried food in #10 cans--up to 32% off. Of course, Mountain House is the gold standard of long-term storage food, bar none. It all ships FREE to the lower 48.

30-year shelf life, award-winning taste, decades of proven performance. Buy it now and get fast free shipping.

2. Our buyers club members not only are getting the best storage food at the best prices, but they are also qualifying for up to 12 survival freebies! We are talking retail value of about $1500 in gear available--FREE with qualifying purchases!

This is all part of our ongoing Road Warrior Bounty Sale. It's crazy, it's dangerous, and it's necessary.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Introducing Renovo Filters (3 stage filter removes bacteria, protozoa, metals and chemicals)

New Product - Renovo Trio - 3 Stage Water Filter & Purifier Straw - Hollow Fiber (UF) Membrane with Activated Carbon (Charcoal) Filter and Sediment Pre-Filter 
  • Unique 3 stage filtration removes bacteria (salmonella, e-coli, cholera), protozoa (giardia, cryptosporidium), metals (lead, mercury, cadmium), chemicals (oil, chlorine, pesticides)
  • Industry leading ultra-filtration hollow fiber membrane filters down to 0.05 microns
  • Highly versatile design works as a straw filter, screwed to the top of a bottle (generic soda or water bottle), or in-line with a hydration reservoir (CamelBak)
  • Long filter life of 1,000 liters or more with the ability to change individual filter elements for indefinite use
  • Lightweight and compact: 7 x 1.4 inches and 3.5 ounce

BUY: $32.50

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Berkey Filters are back in stock !! Buy Berkey Light or Travel Berkey get a Lifestraw Free

We have Berkey Filters (Light and Travel in Stock). 

Special Offer:
With any purchase of Berkey Light or Travel Berkey you get a Lifestraw Free (retails $22) 

Berkey Light

The Berkey Light™ water filter is designed for use during travel, outdoor activities or during unexpected emergencies. The Berkey Light Water Purifier is popular with outdoor enthusiasts, emergency water filtration or people who want more of a water aesthetic in their home. Comes with an optional LED light base, this light unit can be charged with an optional solar panel, needing no electricity. The Berkey Light is bright enough to read by, ideal for emergency situations or power outages.

BUY: $256.66 - $357.77 
Members save extra

Travel Berkey

The compact Travel Berkey® system is the perfect system for use during travel and any outdoor activities or during unexpected emergencies.The smallest of the Berkey family, this system is ideal for a single person, people who travel and very popular with RV'ers. The convenient and economic Travel Berkey is a two filter capacity system. This unit can not be shipped to Iowa residents. All stainless Berkey units can be stacked one can inside the other for convenient mobility.

BUY: $246 
Members save extra

With any purchase get a Lifestraw FREE 

Make a purchase of Light or Travel Berkey, we will simply ship you a Lifestraw.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Upto 40% on Mountain House Pouch Cases for Preparedness, Outdoors and more

Pouch Cases for your next adventure 

These prices are lowest anywhere.. 

Apple Crisp

"didn't expect this to taste so darn good"

MSRP: $54.94
BUY: $38.35 (30% off) 

Raspberry Crumble

"pleasantly surprised. "

MSRP: $62.00
BUY: $42.19 (32% off)


"Much better than expected for freeze-dried eggs."

MSRP: $50.00
BUY: $34.30 (31% off)

Check out all pouch offerings here... 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mountain House Educates Consumers: When Long-Term Emergency Food Isn’t

Third party study finds wide range of oxygen levels in popular brands

Albany, Ore. – February 16, 2015 – Mountain House, the best-selling brand of camping, backpacking, and 
emergency preparedness meals, released results today of a recent study designed to inform consumers how 
popular brands of emergency meals manage oxygen levels, a critical element in long term emergency food.  
This information is increasingly important as consumers continue to move from tried-and-true #10 cans to 
flexible pouches. The study, conducted by Fres-co System USA, Inc., tested the oxygen levels found in Mountain 
House pouches as well as those of six other brands.
Low oxygen levels with little or no variation from pouch to pouch are key indicators of both good process 
control and packaging integrity (other key indicators include: moisture, heat, and light). Oxygen degrades 
shelf life in foods by oxidizing fats and oils. This oxidation causes rancidity and unpalatable off-flavors. 
The presence of oxygen also depletes food of valuable vitamins A, C, D and E.

“Prolonged exposure to oxygen will cause most foods to become rancid within six months to two years, 
depending on ambient levels,” said Drew Huebsch, R&D manager for Mountain House.  “For truly long term 
storage of food – measured in decades – our research indicates that oxygen levels should be below 3 percent.  
United States Military specifications go even further, requiring oxygen levels to be below 2 percent.”

Four of the tested brands sell pouches of long term food with a claimed shelf life of fifteen to twenty-five years: 
National Geographic, Legacy Premium, Food Supply Depot, and Wise Company food storage.  Three additional 
brands sell camping and backpacking meals often used in emergency “bug out” situations, with a claimed shelf 
life of five to twelve years: Backpacker’s Pantry, AlpineAire, and Mountain House.
The study measured the oxygen levels inside 30 pouches from each brand. Only Mountain House pouches 
maintained an oxygen level of less than 3 percent in all cases, with an average oxygen level of 1.42 percent. 
This bests the U.S. military specification of less than 2 percent oxygen. All other brands had average oxygen 
levels above 3 percent. Food Supply Depot fared the least favorable with near atmospheric average levels of 
oxygen at 17.76 percent.
The study also tested for variation of oxygen levels from pouch to pouch, a measure of reliability and process 
control.  Mountain House again came out on top with a standard deviation of 0.3. The closest competitor, 
Backpacker’s Pantry, had a standard deviation of 2.4, or more than 8.1 times that of Mountain House. 
At the bottom of the list was Wise Company’s survival food at 8.4, representing a variability of 28.2 times 
greater than Mountain House.“We’ve been making Mountain House for nearly 50 years,” says Reiner Bohlen, 
Marketing Manager at Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc., the parent company of Mountain House. “You don’t become 
the gold standard in outdoor meals and emergency food storage unless you make products consumers know 
they can trust to taste great, no matter what. We commissioned this study to see where we stand in the market 
and help determine where we could possibly make improvements. We want to make sure we continue to deliver 
on our promises.”
Brands were chosen based on brand awareness in either the outdoor adventure or emergency preparedness 
segments.  All foods tested consisted of dehydrated and/or freeze dried foods that are prepared by just adding 

About Mountain HouseBased in Albany, Ore., Mountain House has been the first choice of backpackers, hikers, 
campers and emergency preparation experts for nearly 50 years. Why? Great taste, ease of use and reliability, 
no matter how extreme the environment. As a result, Mountain House commands more than 70 percent of the 
outdoor freeze dried meal market according to the Outdoor Industry Association. Their line of meals in pouches 
have a proven shelf life of 12+ years. Foods in their #10 cans have a proven shelf life of 25+ years. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Milk prices continue to rise up, here's how to hedge, now 35% off

A gallon of fortified whole milk cost $3.8 in November 2014, a 20% increase since Jan 2010, per Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Grandma Country Milk 100% Real Milk,  
Now 35% off ...(Members save extra) 

MSRP: $165.00, SAVE: $66.00 (BUY: $99.00)
Six #10 cans of Grandmas Country Powdered Milk - total of 18.6 lbs
Country Cream 100% REAL Instant Powdered Milk is known world wide as the very best Instant Milk anywhere. Country Cream is the ONLY milk that tastes like REAL MILK when you mix it. Every other manufacture has tried to duplicate Country Cream but has failed. Made from the finest quality raw ingredients.
This 100% REAL Instant Powdered Milk is packaged in premium #10 cans, that have been enameled to protect against rust on the outside and to protect against loss of the wonderful natural flavor in the inside. Packaged with an oxygen absorber to remove the oxygen from the inside of the can and prevent oxidation and loss of nutrition. When stored in a cool dry place, the milk will be stable for as long as 10 years without loss of flavor and little loss of nutrition.
Wonderful to cook with, as well as to make cheese and yogurt.
Why settle for less when you can have the very best?

Grandma Country Cream Chocolate MilQ
 MSRP: $165.00, SAVE: $66.00 (BUY: $99.00)
 6 #10 Cans of Chocolate MilQ

Country Cream Chocolate MilQ is Gourmet quality when used as a chocolate milk or as hot cocoa. Either way, you will be wondering how it could taste so good. A rich creamy texture that's better than any chocolate milk you can purchase at the store. 

A special blend of powders including Dutch cocoa, non-fat dry milk, sugar and flavoring will keep you coming back for more.
Never worry about losing milk because you didn't drink it soon enough. Only make what you need and keep the can covered until you're ready to make it again. You can store this chocolate milk mix for up to 10 years if kept in a cool dry place.

Grandmas Country Dutch Chocolate Drink

 MSRP: $165.00, SAVE: $66.00 (BUY: $99.00)

Dutch Chocolate Drink, Country Cream® Powder, Non-Instant - Case of 6, #10 Cans
Country Cream® Dutch Chocolate Drink mix is a JUST ADD WATER product. #10 steel enamel can.
This Powdered Chocolate drink is packaged in premium #10 cans, that have been enameled to protect against rust on the outside and to protect against loss of the wonderful natural flavor in the inside. Packaged with an oxygen absorber to remove the oxygen from the inside of the can and prevent oxidation and loss of nutrition. When stored in a cool dry place, the milk will be stable for as long as 10 years without loss of flavor and little loss of nutrition.
Why settle for less when you can have the very best?


Friday, January 02, 2015

Mountain House Buckets (Essentials / Classic) at lowest prices ever (While supplies last)

Lowest Prices on Mountain House Premium Bucket (Essential / Classic)

Name:  essentialsbucket.jpg
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Only for $63

The "Essential Assortment" Includes:
4 - Rice and Chicken
4 - Chili Mac
4 - Spaghetti
12 pouches per bucket - 32 Servings
Bucket Dimensions: 10" x 9.25" x 13"

The "Classic Assortment" Includes:

2 - Beef Stroganoff
2 - Chicken Teriyaki
2 - Beef Stew
2 - Lasagna
2 - Noodles & Chicken
2 - Granola w/ Blueberries
12 pouches per bucket - 29 Servings
Bucket Dimensions: 10" x 9.25" x 13"
Mountain House has taken their best selling pouch varieties and put them in an easy storage bucket. These are tested and proven to last 25+ years!Convenient, easy to store and stack--in clear buckets so you can see the sealed, 25-year pouches inside. Made with real USDA meat, no trans fat.

Now buy them in bulk. Buy 4 premium buckets

Just $250.00

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2 day sale on Fuel up to $50 off | Extra $5 on PRI-G (Limited Quantity)

2 Days only. Fuel Savings. Extra $50 off.

ReadyFuel Case of 120 Fuel Packets

Enough Fuel to Boil 30 Gallons of water (about a 1 month supply of fuel for 1 person)

The easiest fire you'll ever light! The ultimate fire solution. For the casual hiker or weekend camper, ReadyFuel helps keep supplies to a minimum.

ReadyFuel is light and easy carry. It can be counted on to start a fire, burn hot, boil water, and cook a meal. When it's finished burning simply blow away. Perfect for Extreme Conditions.

ReadyFuel will surpass the expectations of adventurers, extreme athletes, and wilderness explorers. ReadyFuel can be transported globally by airplane and will burn at high elevations.

MSRP: $240.00, BUY: $189.99

Buy here:

Check out the video here

ReadyFuel from THE READY PROJECT on Vimeo.

Extra 5$ off on PRI-G

While stocks last ...

By simply applying a small amount of PRI-D for diesel or PRI-G for gasoline at the time of storing, the fuel will remain refinery fresh and stable. This freshness will hold for months, even years. With periodic re-treating of the fuel, it will remain fresh indefinitely.

Available in 2 sizes (16oz/32oz)

BUY: $21.95 - $30.00

Link here:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mountain House Sale is back 25-40% off | Free Giveaways | Lowest Prices ever on Buckets

Mountain House Cans !!

Lowest Prices, Loyalty Rewards, Free Giveaway!!

This is the last sale of the year and its big. As always we have great prices on Mountain House cans. We are allowed only a few sales in a year where you get maximum allowed discounts on all can cases AND free shipping in lower 48 states. You get

  • Lowest Prices 25-40% off
  • Loyalty member savings 1-2% within the next 2 weeks
  • Freebies (On all order above $350 you get a free knife - limited quantity)
  • Free Shipping (in lower 48 states)
What are you waiting for ? This is for limited time only. So Hurry !!

Name:  FacebookAd_600x315-copy2.jpg
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Buy more Save more..
  • Buy 5 cases, get additional $25 off
  • Buy 10 cases, get additional $50 off
Purchase has to be single transaction for volume discounts.
We will send gift card after purchase

Free Gift

With every purchase of $350 you get a knife free.
Limited Quantity, first come first serve

Lowest Prices every on Essentials Bucket, Classic Bucket
Name:  essentialsbucket.jpg
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The "Essential Assortment" Includes:
4 - Rice and Chicken
4 - Chili Mac
4 - Spaghetti
12 pouches per bucket - 32 Servings
Bucket Dimensions: 10" x 9.25" x 13"
The "Classic Assortment" Includes:
2 - Beef Stroganoff
2 - Chicken Teriyaki
2 - Beef Stew
2 - Lasagna
2 - Noodles & Chicken
2 - Granola w/ Blueberries
12 pouches per bucket - 29 Servings
Bucket Dimensions: 10" x 9.25" x 13"
MSRP: $89.99, BUY: $63.00

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Loyalty Rewards winner announced | Loyalty Standings

What is Safecastle Loyalty Program ..
Few more weeks you still have some time to qualify for cash back.

- In brief, every buyers club member who registers for the 2014 Loyalty program will earn a rebate gift certificate worth at least 1% of the total value of their year's purchases at Safecastle ... yes, retroactive to Jan. 1, 2014.

- If total purchases for the year exceed $5000, then the total rebate gift certificate will be at least 2%!

- Throughout the year, there will be special offers made that will provide the opportunity to further increase that year-end rebate percentage!

Learn more here.

This months Giveaway...

Maratac Extreme Bob
Retail Value: $63.00

Winner for this giveaway is Cust #12282

This bag was originally designed by CountyComm for law enforcement (LAPD) and some of our friends in the U.S. military.

Our earlier Bail-Out Bags are still in heavy daily use with: LAPD, San Jose P.D., Santa Clara County Sheriffs Office, San Francisco P.D. and individual officers across the country. They were designed from the ground up to be the ultimate personal gear carry/last resort bailout bag.

Top 10 loyalty standings right now

Loyalty Members who get 2% cash back
Customer ID: 12158: Eligible Sales: $6086.47
Customer ID: 8639: Eligible Sales: $5192.39

Loyalty Members who get 1% cash back (Still time to get into 2 % bracket)
Customer ID: 7993: Eligible Sales: $4384.59
Customer ID: 8496: Eligible Sales: $3495.15
Customer ID: 7899: Eligible Sales: $2861.85
Customer ID: 8820: Eligible Sales: $2854.30
Customer ID: 5949: Eligible Sales: $2658.20
Customer ID: 9307: Eligible Sales: $1852.40
Customer ID: 3889: Eligible Sales: $1668.53
Customer ID: 7379: Eligible Sales: $1658.73