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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Never Before Offer on Royal Berkey, Offer Expires Soon | Bundle with accessories and save 5% !!!

Steps To Choose The Ultimate Water Filter!

  • Pick a Berkey System that suits your needs . 
  • Choose from Black Filters or Ceramic Filters.
  • Choose PF2 / PF4 Filters. 
  • Choose from the available Accessories.

Berkey filters are thoroughly tested and certified. Berkey filters are so well equipped that they are even considered to be a Water Purifier. 
For any questions or clarifications on your Filter, please feel free to
call/email us at : 
+1-877-673-2394 or

Extremely Rare Offer on Royal Berkey
  • Use Coupon BERKEY22 to get $22 off on Royal Berkey with 2 Black Filters.
  • Use Coupon BERKEY32 to get $32 off on Royal Berkey with 4 Black Filters.
Valid till Feb 28th only
Get it NOW !! 

Price: $305.00 

Price: $278.00 

Other Options

Price: $249.00 

Price: $243.00 

Price: $360.00 

$25.00 - $182.00
$25.00 - $127.99
$60.00 - $600.00

$35.00 - $46.00
$23.00 - $52.00

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Berkeys are back in stock!

If you're on our email list--Check your email for an Email-only discount coupon code

It isn't easy getting adequate stock of a variety of the renowned Berkey water filters. We haven't had them for some time. But today, we are able to provide you with the best-ever opportunity to get the Berkey you want at the lowest price anywhere!

Don't delay--get your Berkey today!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Introducing Renovo Filters (3 stage filter removes bacteria, protozoa, metals and chemicals)

New Product - Renovo Trio - 3 Stage Water Filter & Purifier Straw - Hollow Fiber (UF) Membrane with Activated Carbon (Charcoal) Filter and Sediment Pre-Filter 
  • Unique 3 stage filtration removes bacteria (salmonella, e-coli, cholera), protozoa (giardia, cryptosporidium), metals (lead, mercury, cadmium), chemicals (oil, chlorine, pesticides)
  • Industry leading ultra-filtration hollow fiber membrane filters down to 0.05 microns
  • Highly versatile design works as a straw filter, screwed to the top of a bottle (generic soda or water bottle), or in-line with a hydration reservoir (CamelBak)
  • Long filter life of 1,000 liters or more with the ability to change individual filter elements for indefinite use
  • Lightweight and compact: 7 x 1.4 inches and 3.5 ounce

BUY: $32.50

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Berkey Filters are back in stock !! Buy Berkey Light or Travel Berkey get a Lifestraw Free

We have Berkey Filters (Light and Travel in Stock). 

Special Offer:
With any purchase of Berkey Light or Travel Berkey you get a Lifestraw Free (retails $22) 

Berkey Light

The Berkey Light™ water filter is designed for use during travel, outdoor activities or during unexpected emergencies. The Berkey Light Water Purifier is popular with outdoor enthusiasts, emergency water filtration or people who want more of a water aesthetic in their home. Comes with an optional LED light base, this light unit can be charged with an optional solar panel, needing no electricity. The Berkey Light is bright enough to read by, ideal for emergency situations or power outages.

BUY: $256.66 - $357.77 
Members save extra

Travel Berkey

The compact Travel Berkey® system is the perfect system for use during travel and any outdoor activities or during unexpected emergencies.The smallest of the Berkey family, this system is ideal for a single person, people who travel and very popular with RV'ers. The convenient and economic Travel Berkey is a two filter capacity system. This unit can not be shipped to Iowa residents. All stainless Berkey units can be stacked one can inside the other for convenient mobility.

BUY: $246 
Members save extra

With any purchase get a Lifestraw FREE 

Make a purchase of Light or Travel Berkey, we will simply ship you a Lifestraw.