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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Historic Mountain House Sale Live ... Orders Pouring In for 40-65% Off ... Act Quick

For the entire month of September, we are providing unprecedented discounts on all our #10-can Mountain House varieties--the prepper's dream: the ultimate 30-year shelf life food.

Bottom line, we are offering prices not seen on MH food in decades (from 40% to 65%-off), not to mention free shipping to the lower 48 ... and our members will still ALSO get the various significant incentives our programs like Royalty Rewards, Fortify to Survive, and Loyalty Royalty have to offer. The pile of opportunities here for you to take advantage are breath-taking.
Fair warning ... we've seen several consumer stampedes for MH food thru the years for various reasons. We've gone thru periods when the order backlog has stretched for months. Orders are already pouring in for this opportunity ... I fully expect the MH pipeline is about to be overwhelmed. My sincerest advice is to get your order in as early in the month as you can to minimize the wait for your order to process and ship.

See today's entire member email notice.
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