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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Case of Mountain House Food Awarded August 1: Winner's Choice, Value to $400!

We do this monthly--give away a case of Mountain House freeze dried food, winner's choice from among the Mountain House listings in our Safecastle store. You have to like your odds, don't you? ... given that the grand prize every month is valued to $400, and the pool of possible winners is still pretty small. Of course, our goal is to make that number of folks grow.

How do you get into the monthly drawing? It's a piece of cake. Just like our Safecastle Facebook page:

Remain on the Safecastle LIKE list and you will be in the drawing for as long as we do this.

I do have a challenge out there for all of you that can greatly increase your chances of being a winner in this next drawing. Right now we have 2326 likes on our page. If and when we reach 2750, we will be awarding an additional 5 Mountain House Best Seller kits. So if you SHARE our page with your Facebook friends, then we just might reach that goal in the next few days.

The next drawing is August 1, 2012.
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