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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Last Day of the 25%-off Mountain House Sale: Too Many Reasons to Delay Any Longer

The clock is ticking. Here's the score ... in quick bullet points:

- Peace of mind!
Mountain House is the best storage food in the world--and stores for 30 years on the shelf.

- 25%-off all canned MH food thru May 6 only! The lowest allowed MH dealer sale prices!

- Free shipping! Any quantity, any variety or any product--Safecastle ships free to the lower 48.

- Buyers club member MH rewards! Members receive gift certificates worth $40 for every 3 MH can cases purchased in a transaction.

- Spring rebate offensive! Members qualify for rebates amounting to 3 - 7% of the total spent between Apr. 1 and June 30 on all storage food.

- MH dealer prices are rising July 1! All dealers will be required to follow the manufacturer retail price hikes for MH cans effective July 1.

- MH policy change will result in shortages again! MH just announced on May 4 that they are no longer going to be building their can inventory. From past experience, we know that means supply and demand issues are just around the bend.

- Everything is still shipping within one week! Your timing is yet impeccable - our orders are shipping fresh from the factory within days.

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