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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Mighty Weather Channel Smote Our Shelter, But We Feared Not

The Weather Channel tries everything to destroy one of our shelters--good luck with that! ... They are engineered to withstand 330mph winds and more ...

This is absolutely the kind of testing you want done on your shelter if you are going to be placing your life on the line in one versus a killer storm threat. The video itself showed on The Weather Channel and is proprietary. They don't allow embedding of their program video, so please go to these two links on YouTube to view the ridiculous abuse they put the shelter thru (without any more damage than some scorch marks) ...

Explosion, car hurled into the structure, and appliances dropped onto the saferoom:

Jet engine throws 300mph wind at the shelter:

See our steel-plate shelters page here (storm, NBC, saferooms):
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