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Friday, March 09, 2012

FBI Director: I Have to Check to See if Obama Has the Right to Assassinate Americans on US Soil

Things are spinning out of control, folks. First I see this (referring to the titled piece above):

Then I top that off with a nauseating helping of ABC News gibberish (a frightening hit piece on anyone who looks to "obscure laws," the Constitution, or the Bible as justification for fighting big government--not with guns, but with protests or other non-violent means):

Now tell me everything's going to be just fine.


Falcon15 said...

I am very nervous myself...

irontomflint said...

Can you really see the really big picture here?
The FBI Director got to be the FBI Director without actually knowing what Federal Laws specifically mean!
I mean really, how do you get to be a Director in the FBI without knowing Federal Law as it pertains to murdering your fellow countrymen inside our once great Nation?
I mean it's almost in stone that you have to be read your Miranda Rights when your arrested. Don't they have anything for when they're going to give you high speed lead poisoning?