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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Premier 7.5-month Storage Food Package on Sale at $1800; Plus We Welcome Back Some Old Favorites

We just put together our latest version of the good old USS FoodBundle. This one we call the Comfort-Essentials Edition and it is good to sustain a survivor for 7-1/2 months (at 2000 calories a day).

This may be the very best value package we've ever offered, based on the discounted price, variety range, and premier quality of foods in this 18-case bundle. It is an outstanding mix of foods and beverages that provide the full range of sustence that will not only keep you alive, but content and satisfied as well.
Our sale price is less than $1800! Plus this package qualifies for our Members Mountain House Buyer Rewards program ($150 gift certificate back in the program's current installment). Sale price and rewards offer subject to change in the near future.

Some other "new-again" listings at Safecastle: Yoders bacon (our all-time most popular product), Organic Green Coffee Beans in cans (the only way to effectively store coffee long-term), and a new favorite, our unique Mega-Protein Meat & Dairy Pack.
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