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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long-Term Storage Hot Dogs, Canned Freeze Dried BBQ Beef, Canned Green Coffee Beans

These are a few of the many new products available in the Safecastle Royal store (buyers club members be sure to log-in to see your member-discounted pricing) ...

Yoders Canned hot dogs
for long-term storage (10 years + ... maybe +++)!!!

Carefully developed by one of our best suppliers over the course of the last two years to be just the right combination of all-U.S. ingredients--these dogs taste great and are good to store for a LONG time.

They are already very popular--we're trying to keep up with demand.


Other newer products in the Safecastle Royal store--actually the green coffee beans are back after being unavailable for several months. Canned green coffee beans are really the only way to store coffee for years (if you like good-tasting coffee at least).

Also ... two new Mountain House products available for the first time in #10 cans--
BBQ Sauce w/ Beef and Breakfast Skillet (both of them delicious in your wrap tortilla ... or on their own).

There are other
new products as well. Check them out, as well as all the popular standbys in the store. I somehow don't think conditions are going to be getting any better for stocking up for dark days ahead.

BTW--the Red Feather canned cheese is going to be available again very soon and the butter will be shortly as well.
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