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Friday, April 10, 2009

Safecastle Selected by Green Duck Energy to Distribute Groundbreaking Portable Backup Solar Systems

Robust, self-contained, portable solar backup systems have been designed and introduced into the consumer marketplace by Green Duck Energy Solutions. The Viking solar backup product line is distributed by Safecastle LLC.

MINNEAPOLIS – At a time when the U.S. power grid is shown to be increasingly vulnerable, Safecastle LLC and Green Duck Energy Solutions, Inc. are pleased to be introducing a new line of portable, self-contained, solar backup power systems, sized and priced to accommodate most consumer budgets.

The Viking Backup product line has been designed specifically with the crisis preparedness and outdoor adventure marketplaces in mind. Robust hard cases contain complete, ready-to-deploy solar backup systems that include foldable solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, AC and DC outlets, cabling, and sealed lead acid batteries.

Safecastle President Victor Rantala said, “Viking solar backup systems are engineered to be impressively rugged and utilitarian in their capabilities. At a time when almost nothing in the world can be taken for granted, we are very happy to be able to offer consumers a new, affordable level of self-reliance and mobility.”

Safecastle LLC is an established crisis preparedness provider specializing in steel-plate shelters and safe rooms, emergency storage food, supplies, and gear of the highest quality and standards. The company offers a buyers club for those interested in an economical, reliable approach to emergency readiness.

Green Duck Energy Solutions is a leader in the design and implementation of energy solutions using thin film solar and wind turbine technologies.


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